men in black

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  1. E

    Want to Buy Men in Black Neuralyzer and Noisy Cricket.

    Hi everyone. I would love to buy a Men in Black Neuralyzer (from factory entertainment or master replica) I am also looking for a noisy cricket (from factory entertainment). If anyone has any of these for sale, send me a message. Thanks!!
  2. Nanotyrannus

    Screen Used Edgar Bladder Suit MIB

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve owned in my movie prop collection! An Edgar transformation rig from Men In Black. This bladder suit was made for use during the climax of the film, where Edgar pulls his human skin off to reveal his true form. This suit consists of a rubber bladder vest, a...
  3. Nanotyrannus

    Split Worm Guy Puppet MIB2

    I don’t know if anyone makes puppets from this website, but if you’re looking for reference to a Worm Guy from the Men In Black series I have a screen used split worm guy from MIB2. I bought this puppet from the Rick Baker Auction 5 years ago! This split worm guy would’ve been seen near the end...
  4. parkernbrown

    [WIP] Everyman's Neuralyzer (yes, with a Y. "Neuralizer" is incorrect)

    This is mostly a placeholder, to explain the project I'm beginning. I'll update this as things get closer to completion. The neuralyzer is my Holy Grail prop. Corporate made replicas are dried up and expensive, and not even the version I want (OG MIB with red pilot light the digital display at...
  5. LtPinkerton

    MIB neurolizer flash

    Hello all, I’m thinking that for this Halloween I’ll be sporting a black suit and shades. And what better prop that isn’t the noisy cricket than the neurolizer to go with the costume. I’m thinking of 3D printing it. I’ve seen several models but I may commission my own or actually improve my...
  6. N

    Will Smith shirt from the end of Men in Black?

    Hi - can anyone identify this shirt - not the one he wears most of the film, but the one at the end? Thanks!
  7. MattgomeryBurns

    Want to Buy MIB Rosenberg bust from Elite Creature Collectibles

    Been wanting one of these for a few years and now I'm ready to pull the trigger. Photo for reference. @Mr. THX @ahoudini lemme know if you're ready to give up yours :D
  8. tmax

    Men In Black Side Arm Kit Build - WIP

    Hey guys, finally got onto these awesome kits from rgriesbeck He does such great work! The kits are so well designed and very clean prints. I was able to sand and prep these 2 kits in a matter of a few hours. Emptied a can of filler primer on them Ready for more sanding tomorrow...
  9. V

    Men in Black: International (MIB) (Post-release)

    MEN IN BLACK Revival In Development Without Will Smith | The RPF Pulse
  10. Aldo The Apache

    Icons noisy cricket

    Just now, for all you icons fans out there. I just saw what is listed as an original noisy cricket prototype with its display case, from icons on eBay. If your an icons fan you should check it out, I’ve had a few of their lightsabers in my time. Though I know those are way easier to find then...
  11. krispikarim

    Limited Run FINAL DAY March 31st- Men In Black 3 Shotgun

    ​Hey guys, I will be offering a few (3-4) finished Men In Black 3 Shotguns, and possibly kits if there are at least 4 people interested in specifically the raw cast kit. Here is the first finished shotgun: The price for the finished shotgun is $650 USD (not including shipping). A 50% deposit...
  12. krispikarim

    Men In Black 3 Shotgun Build (Pic Heavy)

    I was commissioned earlier this year to create a replica of the shotgun from Men In Black 3, so here's the process of how I've been making it. Enjoy! After gathering as much reference material as possible (thank you to therpf interview at comic con) I was able to begin drawing the blueprints...
  13. MattgomeryBurns

    Want to Buy MIB Neuralyzer

    I was hoping to avoid plunking down the $350 for a new Factory Entertainment neuralyzer. If anyone has a used one they're looking to get rid of, lemme know!
  14. S

    MiB neurilizer replica

    Trying to get into making and I have always wanted an acurate replica of the Men in Black neuralizer (working pop up and flashing) any suggestions??
  15. C

    MiB Standard Issue Agents Sidearm AKA The J2

    Has anyone made a replica? I know the base pistol is a SigSauer P230, and I have some ideas of what to use for the additional pieces, but if anyone has made one before it would be nice to know what they used, or any ideas people have. Thanks
  16. davidJurassic

    Men in Black Rosenberg with Alien!

    Just saw this on Tested's youTube channel. Looks absolutely incredible. If I had the money I would get one of these in a flash
  17. xeno

    MIB III SHotgun Replica

    I was reading an old post about the cancelled MIB III replica weapons, And after seeing the MIB III movie again, I still really like the designs of the weapons, and thought about making a replica myself, The shotgun is the perfect size, and has a...
  18. Cody1138

    Want to Buy Men in Black props, Noisy Cricket, J2 (Standard issue), any MIB weapons

    Hiyou, Looking for MIB props. The FE ones are a bit pricey so I thought I ask around. I am looking for kits or finished pieces if the price is good. Just PM me :)
  19. H

    Building a realistic Neuralyzer -- the original Men In Black memory zapping device

    I would be using this as a stage prop. The main element it would be to embody is a convincing, bright, large flash. It doesnt need to look visually accurate or highly detailed because it wont be seen by any audience up close. As long as its good enough for people to pick up on the reference...
  20. agliarept

    Men in Black symbol...what's its damn name??? im stumped.

    For the life of me I can't find a proper name for the symbol used through out the men in black films. I want to build fine reference pics but i can't find anything to call it. Is it a galaxy, universe, or some atomic symbol? any thoughts?
  21. gboy6

    Factory Entertainment Noisy Cricket

    Factory Entertainment just posted pre-orders for their Men In Black Noisy Cricket. Men In Black - Noisy Cricket Limited Edition Prop Replica The leds they are using for the lights are blue, but aren't they green? Every replica that I seen are green.
  22. R

    Men in Black noisy cricket

    Hello all. Does anyone remember who built those men in black noisy cricket prop gun upgrade electronics? I want to know about the electronic upgrade to convert it from just a green LED to flaahing "tracing" lights and sound. Thanks. Reed
  23. mothman

    LOW BUDGET movie rooms can still look AWESOME !!!

    Hi everyone. here is my budget movie room. it started out as a car port. finished off a couple walls built a tiered floor and custom built an aquarium where the window was. the whole thing was just under $2000! all the work i did including about half the props and the front row of seating, and...
  24. compucrap

    Working Noisy Cricket (pics and vid)

    Hey guys, I just finished building the noisy cricket kit and wanted to show everyone how great it turned out. I'll let the pics do the talking: And of course a video of this bad boy in action Youtube: Noisy Cricket with lights and sound I decided to change out the window screen mesh for...
  25. exoray

    Noisy Cricket

    Anyone want to refresh my memory from way back when? The question I have relates to a MiB ONE Noisy Cricket I picked up MANY years ago from a member here via an Ebay auction... The seller had a VERY detailed description of the gun at the time including the alloy used and everything, I'm pretty...

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