1. BlackFeatherCre

    Ghostbuster (1984) - Terror Dog Puppet (Build Log)

    Intro: This thread is supposed to document my attempt to recreate a passable replica of one of the stop motion puppets of the terror dogs used in the OG Ghostbusters. This was a very fun and educative project. It involved a lot of blood sweat and tears but I am very pleased with the end result...
  2. J

    Spider-Man Movable Lenses/Shutter Lenses: Puppetry technique

    So I was planing on purchasing Cavin Creation's movable eyes but they sold out. I do not have the time to do the arduino stuff on my own, but I saw a lot of tutorials on the puppetry version. But I can't keep my eyes off of McLean Krieger's movable eyes v2 . Most puppetry versions use the jaw as...
  3. georgecosplay

    Bear in the Big Blue House Build

    Hey folks, I'm beginning a thread as I’m in the very early design stages of replicating Bear (of Big Blue House fame). You may be able to see one of my previous threads in which I made my own Big Bird, I’ll be drawing on my experience gained in this project and the experience I’ve gained since...
  4. JadBean

    Looking for help to build Toonces: The Cat Who Could Drive A Car

    Hey everyone, I've decided to take on a new project - building a replica of Toonces from the classic early 90s SNL sketches! I have built a Tom Servo before, but this will be extra challenging, as I haven't seen any other fan made replicas out there, and the video reference sources are all very...
  5. Nanotyrannus

    Split Worm Guy Puppet MIB2

    I don’t know if anyone makes puppets from this website, but if you’re looking for reference to a Worm Guy from the Men In Black series I have a screen used split worm guy from MIB2. I bought this puppet from the Rick Baker Auction 5 years ago! This split worm guy would’ve been seen near the end...
  6. georgecosplay

    Kermit the Frog Replica

    Hello folks, I’ll be commencing a Kermit the Frog build since we’re all stuck indoors and I need something to work on, undecided which Kermit to go for, any input would be appreciated, as would any advice as I‘ve not begun yet. You can notice the slight differences to Kermit as the years have...
  7. Clairebear

    billy saw puppet/doll

    hi so im wondering, dose anyone have any sources of how the billy puppet was originally made.so far all i can find is that he was made from papeer macha ping pong balls and toiled tub and clay ?????