Space 1999 Uniform and Spacesuit budget builds

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    Having recently purchased the excellent Bluray release of Season one of Space 1999 I decided it was high time to make a Moonbase uniform and if you are making one then you have to make Commander Koenig's as who doesn't want to be the top dog?

    I lucked out in finding some sweatshirt materiel at Abakhan Fabrics in the correct mushroom/cream colour and of a nice weight. There was only 2.5 metres worth so I hoped I could eke it out for the whole uniform.

    This necessitated making one major change to the screen used ones in that the right sleeve should be made from the same one piece of materiel as the chest front and back but there was no way I could do this so please forgive this inaccuracy.

    I drew up my own patterns for the uniform tunic and trousers and managed to get the parts out of my limited materiel.

    The build is fairly simple but as with all simple looking uniforms there is always a drawback and in this case it was that the sweat materiel was unforgiving if you had to unpick and restitch.

    There are functioning zips running about 3/4 the length of the left sleeve and trouser leg and these took a while to seat properly as I hate working with zips.

    The body went together well and I finished it off with a belt and holster for my resin kit Stun gun and Commlock builds from vinyl, again to my own patterns.

    The end result is comfy and very wearable and looks pretty good I think. 20150207_125731_resized.jpg 20150207_125712_resized.jpg Commlock.jpg 20150207_125542_resized.jpg Stun Gun Holster.jpg

    So I watched a few more episodes and thought, you know what else I need? A Spacesuit.

    Not having a huge budget to knock one together with (About £80) it was a trip to Abakhan where my good lady wife spotted a roll of orange foam backed cotton/poly blend at a bargain £8 for 10 metres. The assorted zips for the flight suit cost twice that !

    The flight suit was made using a converted overall pattern and I had to resize it as their idea of large was huge.

    Sewing the foam backed fabric to get the ribbed effect took an absolute age and was by far the hardest part. Once the ribbing had been added I assembled the flight suit, put it on and nearly passed out as it was far too hot to wear, so I removed all the foam backing except where the ribbing is. This made it much better to wear.

    The wrist attachments are sheet styrene, as is the chest and back pack unit. The helmet I made from an old foam camping mat but the yellow took about 20 coats to get a nice colour on it.

    The neck ring is based on the one in the first few scenes of Breakaway as there was no way I could afford to make a rubber one. Likewise the helmet visor is flat until I work out a way of vacforming a dome one.

    The suit looks good despite the obvious budgeting flaws and I plan to wear both at a con at the end of the month.
    20150411_182439_resized_1.jpg 20150411_182453_resized_1.jpg 20150411_182611_resized.jpg 20150411_182803_resized.jpg 20150411_182812_resized.jpg
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    I like it!
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    Cool, the cat had been trained to be stunned!:)
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    Can't see the uniform pics?
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    Sorry they should work now
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    Nice job "on a budget". Actually, the uniform looks good regardless of your budget. Finding fabric to match the base color is darn near impossible. I have made several, and the next time I go down this path it will be with something I custom dye (which means lots of trial and error... I don't often dye fabric).

    as for the space suit, good for you even attempting it. Not bad.
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    Spikeimar, great job. do you have any pictures of you making the helmet? I really like both costumes and it is a fantastic show.

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