space 1999

  1. Gerry Anderson - UFO

    Gerry Anderson - UFO

    Studio Scale Model
  2. Gerry Anderson - UFO

    Gerry Anderson - UFO

    UFO Shado Alien Spacecraft Model
  3. Mooniteman

    My Rick O'Connell, The Mummy outfit & Holster pattern

    Welcome to the right side of the river! So I spent a good deal of the quarantine losing my mind / watching the Mummy on repeat. This inevitably lead to me obsessing over Rick O'Connell's costume and gear. There is little to no info on this outfit so I spent a good deal of time compiling and...
  4. MARK M3

    1/48 Round 2 Space 1999 Eagle one

    Here is a build I actually completed several years ago, I just recently swaped out the plastic kit engine bells for the Aluminum parts.I custom mixed the colors based on my references to match the original 44" Studio miniature as it was seen early first season. The cockpit does indeed light up...
  5. FZ6

    Space 1999 inspired 3D printed model kits

    Hi guys!!! I'm creating some Space 1999 inspired spaceships with my 3D printed BYOS modular system. This one can be called BYOS Small Range Probe Cargo Ship. In this one I've used 22 of my 3D printed BYOS parts. I've 3D designed all the parts, Shapeways has 3D printed them, and I've painted...
  6. unbuiltnautilus

    September 13th 1999

    Greetings from Portsmouth, Old Hampshire, England. I have been lurking about the forum for quite some time, and feel now is the time to start putting a little bit back. I have been model making since about 1976, before that it was mostly a tree gobbling machine from Thunderbirds, entirely out of...
  7. Avanaut

    Space 1999 Eagle Tourer

    I'm one of those guys who saw Space 1999 before Star Wars. The Eagle made a lasting impression and, like many, I considered Alan Carter the coolest space pilot there ever was. Excited to finally have an Eagle of my own, I got my Round2 Eagle from the first batch in January 2016. At least I...
  8. R

    RookFett's MPC 22" Eagle Transporter Build

    First build thread here at the RPF - hopefully the start of many build threads. Just came today in the mail -
  9. Spikeimar

    Space 1999 Uniform and Spacesuit budget builds

    Having recently purchased the excellent Bluray release of Season one of Space 1999 I decided it was high time to make a Moonbase uniform and if you are making one then you have to make Commander Koenig's as who doesn't want to be the top dog? I lucked out in finding some sweatshirt materiel at...
  10. H

    Glow in the Dark Space models (suggestions?)

    Trying to track down any and all Glow in the Dark Space models (any suggestions?). I just finished building a 1/500 Leif Ericson Galactic Cruiser by AMT Ertl and a 1/350 Star Trek Enterprise "Tholian Web Edition" both in the Glow in the Dark editions. I would like to find more ships and the...
  11. Gattaca

    Easy 3D Modeling

    Lately I've been tinkering around with a free online 3D program called Tinkercad ( I got into it only a few weeks ago because my work recently bought a Makerbot 2 and I needed to learn to use it. Tinkercad is quite easy to learn and you use and modify various shapes like...
  12. retrogarde

    Last Flight of the Freya 7: props, sets and models from a miniseries

    My wife and I have been planning a web-based miniseries for a while now, set in a "used future" that will visually reference some of our favorite films. Influences include Outland, ALIEN, Silent Running, Blade Runner and even early Red Dwarf. The series will be titled "Last Flight of the Freya...
  13. Captain Sci-Fi

    Space 1999: Moonbase Alpha

    Hi Guys, Excellent news, Moonbase Alpha lives.... After many years as part of a private collection this prop has seen the light of day again. I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph this model and I am posting a few pictures here, enjoy. Bernie Space 1999 Eagle Transporter - Eagle...