Snake Plissken - Capt Kirk mashup: The Gun

50th Anniversary of Star Trek. . .my 50th . . . time to take Kirk cosplay to a new level. I thought a Kirk Plissken mashup was needed.

Thinking, eye patch, Plissken EFNY sleevless shirt in ST:TOS command gold (in progress), EFNY tracer bracelet, ST:TOS pants, EFNY boots with Federation symbol (original Alpinestar HiPoint motorcross boots have the metal shin plate, I will make a Federation logo shinplate), . . . AND . . . a gun.

Not just any gun. . .and not Plissken's EFNY MAC-10 with suppressor and scop. . . a PHASER with suppressor and scope.

Phaser: Amazon buy, Rubie's Costumes phaser prop. Taken apart and filled with AirEpoxy to make solid. Painted.
Suppressor: scratch made, PVC pipe, wood dowel insert, Bondo, 3/8 aluminum dowel (to insert in/attach to phaser). Painted: Rustoleum High Heat BBQ black (don't laugh, has great anodized texture), Rustoleum High Gloss seal.
Scope: scratch made, PVC pipe, 1/8" Sintra, Bondo, 1/8" clear acrylic (the lenses)

Still needs some phaser section detail painting (dials, etc.,). I'll post step by step later.
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The EFNY MAC-10 with suppressor and scope. . .
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I'm not sideways . . .really
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Will post the WIP photos later. . .along with the other costume builds. . .like


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Ah - better! So much fun!

What about the assault phaser from ST V VI...? Incongruous with TOS tunic, but a robust weapon!
Odd mashup, yes! But it will be sublime when finished. . . or so I hope. Will debut it at WonderCon. . . in a mere 5 weeks and a few days.

Unsure what format I need to save these to NOT make them turn on their side, maybe it's my iPhone orientation when taking them (straight up and down and not sideways). But here are two more.

Patch and gun

And here is the Plissken sleeveless in ST:TOS command gold material (bought through

The EFNY version:
Snake Plissken shirt.jpg
A few photos from WonderCon. . . I'll post more with my Plissken sleeveless top, boots, etc when I get those photos back. #wondercon #wc2016 #kirkplissken #presidentofwhat #escapetheelection

IMG_0912.JPGIn my green wrap around tunic. . .about to step into the madness
IMG_0954.JPGCrossing the streams, in the TNG chair at the Hollywood Museum of Sci-Fi booth. There is a TNG control panel behind me, someone took a video of me doing the Data sing-song of 'Life forms, little bitty life forms' from ST: Generations
IMG_0969.JPGMy favorite star sighting, Amanda Troop, from the All State commercial 'Silence' . . .
IMG_0980.JPGKirk meets his daughter for the first time!