escape from new york

  1. Vincent Serpico

    Escape from New York : Snake Plissken Tracer/Life Clock inspired Watch Bracelet.

    Greetings fellow fans of the Snake Plissken Tracer Bracelet and Life Clock. This idea came about as I was surfing the web for more reference material for creating my own replicas of the Tracer Bracelet and/or Life Clock. I found that Sean K Fields had created some 3d cosplay versions of Snake...
  2. Skyler101

    Escape from New York - Tracker

    This is a total work on progress. My EFNY theme continues. For the longest time, I have kept my eyes open for a Tiger SubWars game to modify into the tracker unit Snake uses at the start of Escape from New York. I had no luck, so I thought I might give it a shot based on some of the pictures I...
  3. D

    Escape From New York - Snake Plissken Walkie Talkie Help, please!

    Hi, I'm trying to get a legit Snake outfit together and am having trouble ID'ing the walkie talkie they used to make the prop. It was late 70's, made by Fanon, but does anyone know any more? The model number or anything? Thanks!
  4. D

    Escape From New York - Snake Plissken Eagle Tracer

    Hey hey, fellow Snake lovers! Wait... that sounds kinda wrong... Uhhh... anyway, I know there's a lot of us getting Plissken outfits together, and that there are some things that are harder to source than others. I've been scouring the net for reference to CAD up an Eagle Tracer myself, when I...
  5. Skyler101

    Escape from New York - Maximum Security Penitentiary sign

    Hi Guys, Been a while and I thought I might share with you something I just whipped up. Work got a new laser cutter, and after some rather negative mood, everyone left the office to go drown their sorrows. Perfect, time to get creative! I had some friends coming over to watch "Escape from New...
  6. R

    Snake Plissken’s Lifeclock One: Escape from New York Inspired Smartwatch (EFNY)

    Hello RPF! I joined as a premium member a couple of years ago and have been watching and learning from so many people in this community. I joined to try and learn how to best approach my project which I wanted to share with you and get some feedback. Escape From New York is one of my favorite...
  7. Major Grubert

    Snake Plissken - Capt Kirk mashup: The Gun

    50th Anniversary of Star Trek. . .my 50th . . . time to take Kirk cosplay to a new level. I thought a Kirk Plissken mashup was needed. Thinking, eye patch, Plissken EFNY sleevless shirt in ST:TOS command gold (in progress), EFNY tracer bracelet, ST:TOS pants, EFNY boots with Federation...
  8. N

    Snake Plissken Gun Replica

    Hey experts, I am making a replica Snake Plissken gun. I have recently just purchased a Mac 10 Ingram air soft gun, a real cheap one, but it's 1:1 scale. It's more of a challenge than I thought, but sure is fun. Nick
  9. nick daring

    Escape From New York- The President's Cassette Tape

    In Escape from New York, the story's big MacGuffin is a special cassette tape that needs to be played to the world in order to avoid or end World War 3. In a act of anti-hero cynicism at it's finest Snake Plissken destroys the tape after switching it out with a fake. Classic distopian ending to...
  10. Sigma-LS

    EFNY Guns and Accessories

    So I figured with the other Plissken threads this would be a good opportunity to make a separate one for some of the other iconic pieces of the film. I know a lot of repeat information is here but I hope to have it at least condensed a bit for other new folks coming in and looking for resources...
  11. Samhain2000

    EFNY Snake Plissken Boots

    Hi all, i'm working on a Snake Plissken outfit. I got a jacket lined up (Not in time for this Halloween) I have the pants lined up (Not in time for this Halloween) Got a Mac 10 holster, like in the movie. I just landed a pair of Alpinestars that look close enough to the original boots...