star trek the original series

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  1. PhuketAussie

    Enterprise Desk

    Hello everyone, I'm very excited to find this community of fans, and hope that I can share a long-term project I have in mind, and maybe hone it with some ideas that you might have. I currently have a large desk with a three-shelf hutch, built from rough recycled timers, and backed with rough...
  2. Lost in Trek

    Want to Buy Rylo TOS Phaser Stand

    Many, many years ago Rylo made TOS phaser stands. Please send me a PM if you have one available for sale. Looks like this: Thanks
  3. DB537

    Star Trek TOS Gary Seven ID Cards

    I'm working on the graphics for Gary Seven's fake CIA, NSA, and NYPD identification cards from 'Assignment Earth'. I'll probably finish these over the weekend whenever I can find time to work on them. I'm going to attempt to match up all the fonts, which should be easy since these are yet...
  4. DB537

    Star Trek USS Constellation NCC-1017

    This is my recent build of a vintage 1960s AMT USS Enterprise model kit. I built it as the USS Constellation (without the damage) from 'The Doomsday Machine'. An early long box version of the kit just like this one was also used for the actual Constellation model in TOS, so this is studio scale...
  5. Aldo The Apache

    Done Gary Seven Servo Pen / fake identification

    I don’t know to much about who makes the best fake Gary Seven licenses, but I do know that D Stines has the best servo. Thanks, Matthew
  6. DB537

    1:350 TOS USS Enterprise NCC-1701

    Starting work on the 1:350 TOS Enterprise. I frosted the outsides of both the inner and outer Bussard domes, and the insides of the bridge and sensor domes. The inner Bussard domes have the strips from the Aztec Dummy window masking set. I also put white styrene discs inside the saucer...
  7. S

    Want to Buy TOS Klingon and Romulan Uniforms

    Greetings, I am looking for a complete Klingon uniform, with sash, such as the type that Kor wore in "Errand of Mercy." Also looking for a female Romulan uniform, such as in "The Enterprise Incident." High quality and authenticity please -- not in the market for a costume but to add to a...
  8. damienjameswebb

    Looking for clear pictures of the origional set design model from Star Trek TOS

    Hello! I was looking around online and all i can seem to fine are super over exposed shots of the model when it went on auction a while ago. I'm trying to re-create it for a friend of mine and would like to get the details right. I have these images below (along with many more that are equally...
  9. The Author

    Star Trek 3D Chess

    For ages now, I have wanted a three-dimensional chess set as seen in the original Star Trek series. There is the option of buying one, but I can think of many better ways to spend the five hundred bucks for something that's not even a replica of the screen-used prop. So, build it is. And while...
  10. Dan Efran

    Upgrading a Rubies TOS Phaser 1+2

    Last year I bought the cheap Rubies TOS phaser, intending to upgrade and repaint it eventually. Today I felt like breaking something, so I decided to begin this project by prying open the toy. Here's how it looked before I began: Not bad for the price, aside from the bizarre color scheme...
  11. S

    Want to Buy Looking for High Quality ST: TOS Uniforms

    Greetings, I am looking for two specific pieces from ST: TOS. I placed an order with Tradewinds Costumes 18 months ago and have had a very bad experience. After reading the comments on another part of this site (which I greatly appreciate!), I am hesitant to do business with Shadowdale...
  12. MKretschmer

    Wooden Shuttlecraft Galileo Model

    My latest project is an 18 inch long wooden model of the Shuttlecraft Galileo from Star Trek the original series. It's made of hard maple, black walnut, padauk, osage orange, ebony, and yellowheart. There is no paint or stain in this. All the inscriptions are inlaid using a mixture of epoxy and...
  13. wayouteast

    Clear sight mechanism on the TOS phaser 1

    Hi all, Does anyone have any insight on the way the flip-up clear acrylic sight works on the phaser 1 from TOS? I understand that as you rotate the knurled brass thumbwheel on the phaser a connecting rod inside the body causes a half-round acrylic rod to rotate and push up the silver textured...
  14. Z

    Star Trek Beyond Costume 2017

    Hi guys n gals here is my star trek beyond uniform which I cosplayed this week. The tunic is tailor made and the gun is also handmade, the trousers and boots I bought to match the film are not 100% accurate and the badge is qmx but I hope you like it as for the money I paid its not a bad...
  15. CustomCreations

    Star Trek TOS Anniversary Comms Watch, Ltd Edition Collectible from Planet Replicas

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share a project I've worked on for Star Trek TOS - an 50th Anniversary flip watch ;-) Limited to 500 units only. Full Stainless Steel Case Citizen Movement Engraved unit number (making watch unique) Flip front, leather strap, engraved buckle, presentation...
  16. JakeConhale

    Star Trek 4B Computer

    For a while, I've wanted to get into the whole "building" community, so when I found depictions of the Star Trek TOS 4b Computer (possibly from this site) with dimensions, i wanted to build it. I mean, it's an angled box, how hard can that be? (that's an honest question, btw, I want to know what...
  17. pmangels17

    Star Trek TOS Captain's Chair Build

    Hey Everyone! This is my first real prop build, so I don't know what to expect, but I've had an eye on a special project for a while (since Adam Savage's Tested video came out on it), and since I consider myself a decent carpenter, I figured I would give this thing a shot. For this build...
  18. Vincent V

    Any Star Trek liquor bottle ideas?

    I needed to come up with some Star Trek themed alcoholic drinks for someone's birthday recently and found it incredibly difficult to find glass bottles that even remotely resembled anything I remember from the shows. Has anyone found reasonably affordable options for recreating classic Star...
  19. D

    Want to Buy WTB: Star Trek Mirror Mirror Dagger -- Resin or ESPECIALLY METAL

    Hi Gang! I have a really crappy resin kit of the Star Trek Mirror Mirror Dagger and Sheath that I am going to try to finish and make it look half decent. I'm looking for a nicer resin or 3D print of the Mirror Mirror Dagger and Sheath. My HOLY GRAIL at the moment would be a METAL Star...
  20. doubleofive

    Star Trek TOS Computer Type 4B Alpha Help

    My friends and I are wanting to build a replica prop from TOS for their nursery. We're very interested in creating something based on the Type 4B Alpha. We're very new at this and don't know where to find...
  21. monta

    A real, working, miniature Desktop Viewer from Star Trek, the Original Series

    Construction video on Youtube; link here.
  22. FXArtist

    Done / Completed Original Star Trek Medical Scanner with sound

    **Update to post... Last one. This is a fully functioning Medical Scanner as seen in the original 1966 Series of Star Trek with both working movement and added sound. There were only 10 of these scanners made world wide that were fitted with the sound electronics. Only 6 were ever made...
  23. Major Grubert

    Vulcan Lirpa - Amok Time

    Top photo is the initial mockup (second photo is what it should look like) Vulcan Lirpa build for WonderCon Anaheim. . in . . .11 days. Blade = 3 x 1/8" Sintra Handle = 3/4" PVC Bottom = OXO brand toilet bowl brush holder
  24. jonpaul0151

    Klingon D7 1:305 with Laser System 29" x 20" BIG ! Just finished this build. Very excited. First video with my new photo equipment. Studio Scale Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser. 1:305 Scale. Working Green Lasers, Sound FX, 433mHz wireless remote control...
  25. S

    3D printed TOS Phaser II

    A few months back, I modeled and 3D printed a midgrade TOS Phaser I. Inspired by pics I've been seeing in asalaw's and robn1's phaser threads, I finally got around to modeling and printing a couple of P2 sections (one early season 1 black-and-white version, and one post-repaint version). Still a...

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