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For our latest daft DoctorWho-themed TARDISshorts episodes ...

... we needed a TARDIS Tuner.

I've never seen one of these mythical machines so in the spirit of zero budget film making I broke out the cardboard and the sticky-backed plastic.

It fits in nicely with our homemade, shonky ethos.


Ironside Dalek

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So, when will the clockwork droid mask hit the project run thread?
I didn't really put much thought into taking photos while doing it. I have a few, but nothing too exciting. It's a pretty quick project, because I used a blank cast mask that I got from etsy instead of making one. I wanted to try new painting effects at the time, so trialling those on a Droid mask made sense. If I ever do another, I would consider using gold leaf instead of gold paint. Never played with leaf before.

I've got my hands full right now, doing a WW2 themed Land Rover Defender that will transport the Ironside to events (and give us somewhere to sleep), but a Cyberman is definately next! I will take photos of that one.


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This is great stuff, especially for zero budget.

I miss the "key to time" reworked episodes that were being shown. I think fan-fiction is a great medium.


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Here's a version of the Dominator's Sonic Screwdriver I co created Hope you like it?

View attachment 1363080 View attachment 1363081

Instagram - the_sonicscrewdriver_collector

I've recently made a change to the handle just a few hours ago I cut a 30-35 degree cut into the handle. In the back for the frontwards and backwards variants I have in my collection here are some images.


Left : The frontwards handle variant of the Dominator's Sonic Screwdriver.
Middle : The backwards handle variant of the Dominator's Sonic Screwdriver.
Right : Both 1 & 3 Variants of the Dominator's Sonic Screwdrivers.

handle update .jpg

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