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Isn't it funny that I mentioned my mate likens his Sonic Screwdriver build as a Swiss Army Knife & only the other week The Doctor described the new Sonic as a Swiss Army Knife also!

Just thought I'd say!


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My Orange space suit helmet project so far.


The ear piece is a failed print due to a technical malfunction that I've since fixed om my printer.
I'll reprint it.

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Here's some work in progress photos.
The top was 3d printed, sanded , filled and sanded again then a silicone mould was made and the tops cast up in resin.
The clear lens was made by coiling 4mm piping around a suitable sized cylinder and once again making a silicone mould from it. The lenses were cast up in clear cast resin.
Loads of laser cut components make up the external body over aluminium tube inner with custom build circuit to control the motor and super bright LED








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Weird question, but does anyone know what model Amy's water pistol from The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe? Wanted to get it for my friend!



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I've recently received the Official replica of the Fifth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver, made by Rubbertoe Replicas. Of course as we all know this version of sonic was used by both the Fourth and Fifth Doctors, but as most fans prefer to see it as the Doctor's it's being sold as the Fifth's. Nick will be putting this version up for sale sometime in the new year.

As some of you may know, I worked as part of the R&D team to develop Nick Robatto's Classic era Sonic Screwdriver. The first to be released was of course the classic Fourth Doctor version, the next in line will be this Fifth Doctor version, and later the colorful Third Doctor version.

For now, I thought you all might like a look at Nick's Fifth Doctor replica before it hits his site for sale. I had asked specifically for the tiny spec of silver on the white band across the activation ring because it is seen in "Keeper of Traken", and I liked that it was the last remnant of the silver band left over from Baker's tenure. I don't believe that Nick will be doing this on all the replicas however.



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I've been wanting one of those for so long, and now I can share with you photos of my River's sonic screwdriver from Collingwood Replicas.

This is my christmas present for myself this year (`cause why not?) and I couldn't be happier. The book-display box is obviously based on the one QMX used to ship their replica, but this one I made myself from scratch and filled it with foam. The metal plaque was courtesy of Collingwood (he made 10 units of this sonic and never planned to make more, but then a couple months ago he accepted to build one more for me, therefore the ''Edition nº11'').

It features a few interchangeable emitters (2 blue and 1 red) that are fixed to the emitter collar with a grub screw, and It also has the flicking neural relay with two options; fully charged bars and 1 bar only that you can choose with the red buttons on the body of the sonic, that is constructed in aluminium, brass and copper.

Sorry for the explanation, but I'm sooo over the moon with this replica, as it's been always my favourite sonic design and I can't stop talking about it.

Happy new year everyone!
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Jamie (Collingwood Replicas) does amazing work, that for sure. he's done a lot of sonic work for me over the years. he's also a great guy, which is always a wonderful thing.