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I admit i know nothing about Serenity, not a thing. But i was chating to my mate in the pub Friday night about my star wars collection. I asked if there is anything he is interested in with regards to props? He said he loves the mask from Serenity. Is there a particular mask he would be on about (i was drunk so maybe i was not listening properly). What is serenity also, and is there anyone who has picks of this mask?


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There was some pretty grusom make-up/prosthetics for the Reavers. One might consider that a mask... depending on how the FX/make-up artists set them up. The Alliance soldiers had helmets if visors that might be called a mask if you're drunk (which seems to be the case here).

Those two examples are really reaching for it... but that's all I can think of from that movie that could possibly be called a mask. Perhaps you two weren't really taking about the same movie :lol

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That is the problem, i was drunk, he was, but i think i misheard, perhaps i'll ask him again, when i'm able to comprehend a little more :D

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Just finished watching it a few minutes ago.
There are the Alliance troops helmets and the Serenity's space suits they wear on Miranda.