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This is about autographs and the such. I understand about tickets, queueing, the lottery type system, guests abliged to sign official programme/book etc. When it comes to guests signing OTHER items, photos, posters etc. I understand that they can charge for this...which is fine. My question is, are the posters, photos etc provided, or should I look at bringing my own stuff with me?
For example - I'm aiming at getting a ticket for the Big Bang Theory cast signing. Would THEY provide cast photos to sign (at a cost) or would I be expected to bring with me a cast photo for them to sign?

Does that make sense? Anyone have any knowledge of usual practice?
I think that goes all kinds of ways. There is certainly a whole parade of people who bring their own stuff to sell you. And something like Big Bang, yeah they might provide a poster.

Last year they gave out huge Tyvek (a type of plastic) bags, saw a lot of people getting those signed.
I would say that the majority of folks there signing have stuff (for sale, of course) available, but are willing to cheerfully sign something you bring yourself. Most signing sessions I have been to have something for the artists to sign in the event that you brought nothing.
Anyone under the tent upstairs is required to sign one item of your choice whether you bring it or buy it there, for FREE. On the show floor, it's whatever they want to charge.

I believe that is the rule at SDCC. Not everywhere.
Cool. See, that's why I visit this site. Apart from all the talent, it's the friendly helpful advice. You guys all rock! First one to find me at SDCC gets a free drink (and obligatory hug) :)
Usually, for the signings at the booths on the floor (which the BBT signing would be), they provide small posters that you can get signed. Usually they also hand the posters out at the booths throughout the day. That is what they did for the BBT signing last year, and I would assume they would do it again.

You can't really see the poster, but that is what they are signing at this White Collar signing last year:

SDCC2010-40 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

As for can-you-bring-your-own-thing, I think it depends on the booth. Usually for time constraints, I don't think they do, but that would be something to ask when you get your ticket/sticker/badge stamp
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