Scratch Built E-11 (PIC HEAVY)

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Casket Chris

New Member
This is my first real 100% scratch built prop and also my first post here on the RPF, so if a do a "taboo" please let me know. So this E-11 was build using primarily 3 materials PVC pipe Sintra and a generic green plastic clip board along with some misc bolts, screws, mdf, glazing putty, super glue, epoxy,plasti dip, washers and plastic rivets. The total build time was about 40 hours. Overall I am fairly happy with the final outcome of the build aside from the trigger and trigger guard, the placement is off due to the trigger covering the screw hole that attaches the grip to the receiver tube.

After all the "holes" are drilled cut and sanded

The initial rough end cap

Building up the end cap

Muzzle rough build with screws and bolts

Sintra detail on receiver

More Sintra details... backwards.... ugh

Attaching the pivot point for the stock

So from this point on I really got into the job and stopped taking pictures of most of the steps and just took pictures of "stages" the next pictures are basically the raw machine gun with the "T" track.





The next set of photos is after all other parts are added and it being sprayed with Plasti Dip


And here is the final blaster minus brown chalk dusting I added later to give it a bit more deep grime to the recesses




So there it...being my first scratch blaster build I am overall happy with, I see many flaws that need to be fixed changed and detailed out, but I will save all that for the next one. this was a great learning exercise in replicating a prop, scratch building and creating my own plans and order of operation. Thanks for checking out the build.
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Master Member
Hi Casket Chris ... and welcome to therpf ... looks like a fun blaster build and it certainly has that STAR WARS used-future appearance ... also please check some of your first batch of pictures, because the attachments don't seem to work :)


Casket Chris

New Member
Thank for the comment. Not sure what happened to the pics all i did was delete them and repost them and now they work... oh well

Casket Chris

New Member
Thank you MAAZ like I said overall I'm happy with it, good enough to set on the shelf along with the scratch build ANH Vader hilt i just finished. Each build is improving overall in my "builder" skills.

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Well-Known Member
Great scratch build, you're proportions and placement of off and kinda spoil the overall finish ;) ......but only an expert e11 builder would probably know that, so well done.

Casket Chris

New Member
The major issue I had with size was the "counter" it turned out to large and because of that i had a hard time finding a happy place to place it.

Casket Chris

New Member
Thank you guys considering the material and time, really a little under 40 hours I'm truly happy with it. I realize its not screen accurate but for what I want it for its good enough. I'm a traditional blacksmith and metal worker by trade so that's the material i'm the most familiar working with so there was a learning curve with plastic, glue and the glazing putty. Most of my past props have been a mix of materials, primarily metals and plastics, but for this one I wanted to use just plastics (aside from screws and bolts) sharpen my skills with it. Thank you guys for the support and kind words it makes me more eager to make more and strive for more accuracy in my next venture whatever that may be.

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Well-Known Member
Yea, welcome to the RPF. That really came out well. One thing you probably already know, but I'll say again anyway is that you're your worst critic, and nothing will probably live to your own expectations. It's part of the trade of being part of an obsessive nit picking prop building community. That being said, use it to your advantage and keep making props like a pro! The scratch building skills are strong with this one.


Active Member
It's a beautiful piece. I'm looking at starting one myself here at some point. I can only hope it looks this good. Where did you pull your measurement references from, if I may ask?

Casket Chris

New Member
Thank you guys for the AMAZING comments they mean a lot. Yes I probably am my worst critic, I tend to pick my builds apart over and over. Operascot I had found a template online for the receiver and based all other parts off of that just by comparison etc. That technique worked fairly well aside from the counter and honestly I think that was mostly my fault just rushing to get the job done.

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