Sandcrawler Thread

Not mentioned here, but surely well known by many: the Airfix H.D.L. Hovercraft SR-N1 provides the cross pieces in front of the Saturn V interstages, and (probably, but not certainly) the parts that the interstages sit on (upper skirt on the left, lower skirt on the right).
I've got the remote control sandcrawler that I've had since I was a wee lad. How accurate is it to the parts they used for the movie version?
I'm thinking of starting up a sandcrawler. I've been playing around with the pics from Chronicles. The problem I'm having is that none of them seem to match up when I scale them all to the same proportion. They must have used some funky angles to take those shots. They appear to be straight on but if that was the case I wouldn't be having this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or hints in drawing up plans? Just so you know this will be my first scratchbuild so I'm new at this. I've been making starwars models for years but I've decided the only way to truly be happy with one is to make it myself. thanks-
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