Sam Flynn's Helmet Pep File


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I've seen a lot of requests for the Tron Legacy Sam Flynn helmet pep file.
Well, I'm pleased to announce that those requests will soon be answered.

Download here

Expect to see the flying guys' helmet as well.
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Dude you are my hero! I was pondering carving one of these over Xmas from foam but a pep would be better!!!
Alright, I may do some revisions to it in the future, but as of right now, here it is (link in original post).

Also may be doing the flying guy's helmets in the future.
Well, Stormshadow. Now that there's a pep, I'm sure more people will be making it. Myself include. Just remember, all things comes to he who waits.
Has anyone pep'd this yet, I have just started the visor part and it's not lining up very well, very frustrating, wondering if anyone else had a crack and encounter same issues. I've gone so far I don't want to give up and restart and thinking of correcting when move to bondo stage but not looking forward to that stage.
Cool I'd like to see if something has gone wrong in my process before wasting any time & cardstock, so keen to do this helmet. it was only 3 pages of cardstock for visor so I might retry and see if I get same problem
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I only started the visor, 1 side came together fine the other was....not. I was very careful with cutting & scoring, I used transpore tape for temporary assembly and found it not aligning up very well. I've done a couple peps and they sometimes don't line up perfectly but it's close enought not to matter but the visor bits were nearly 10mm out in a couple spots, I want someone else to try it and if it's fine it may be a printer issue on my end.
Ok I've found some free time, pep'd the main helmet (even resin'd and laid some bondo for strength and after much comparison can tell it's not matching up with stills and concept art :( am going to try to modify and recover the shell. Anyone else done this helmet yet with success?

From what I can tell holding it up to pictures is that the shape is a bit off on the front and the sides are too far down the side of the face.
I'm in the process of making this helmet too Rinzler. I agree the helmet is a little long on the sides of the face. I've prepped the helmet 4 times at different scales to see if I can get an optimum fit.

I've got two helmets prepped now that i'm going to move forward with this weekend and resin.

As for the visor I've not prepped that yet...I'll try to give that a go this weekend too and let you know how I get on.
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