Salzo 37 1/2 inch (1/2 studio scale) TOS Battlestar Galactica - with a twist!


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Depending on the condition, you could scan them and reprint them. Printing of the color white is always a problem though.

Is this the Randy Cooper landing bay set? If so, have you tried reaching out to him?

Ya, maybe have to try that. They are the originals from Mike. I emailed him but to no response.


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Oops, forgot one last construction note.

I was having issues keeping the front detail piece on the model. Remember I made the bottom section to be removable so there has to be a bit of a pressure fit. It kept popping off. So I glued a backing piece on to it and secured it with two micro screws. Also added some strip detail and a couple of small wing sections on the upper front.

2019-06-09 14.55.48.jpg

2019-06-09 14.54.18.jpg

2019-06-09 15.02.28.jpg


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Finished with the pre-shading. Makes a guy nervous. It was a hell of a lot of work to do all those lines and cover all the construction details. At least this dark grey will allow me to see how I am spraying the light grey top coat.

2019-06-14 07.52.40.jpg

2019-06-14 07.53.40.jpg

2019-06-14 07.53.59.jpg


I just saw this thread and am very impressed with the clean way you have all the electronics in the engine compartment. Also a fantastic armature. Don't mind if I lift some ideas for my build someday. By the way how did you know where each of the kit pieces goes? Did you wind up using other kit pieces and if so do you remember what kits you used? I got what I could from shapway.
Thanks and take care, Tim


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Thanks Tim. Any questions are welcome. I actually found most of the locations by viewing the high res photos available online. However there were a hand full of misc resin parts that were left over. Still can't figure where they go since I scoured the entire model. Looks complete in my eyes. Other than Shapeways I scratch build allot of the extra items and cast copies from a Revell 1:72 panther.