Royal Armoury of THRAIN


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I am a long time Dwarf fan, ever since I was a boy and first read the hobbit I fell in love with them.

I'm looking to start a Thrain armour build and am under no illusions this will be a test. I also don't expect it to be a quick build but I want this to be as close to accurate as possible.

I am currently compiling reference material to help me work on the design, patterning and scaling of the costume, I have the below images already but if you have anything else I would love to see it.

Usual profile pics would be awesome as well as any under armour shots.


Thrain Costume.png

- - - Updated - - -

I have had a first stab at modeling up the belt buckle and a dwarven chain link.

I am likely to buy a 3D printer to help with this build and will be getting clay to work on the modelling of this.

Capture.PNG Chain link.PNG


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I'm have a couple of ideas but both involve getting some 3D printed. I need to get a friend to print them to see if they are actually OK before I decide to either cast 100,000 of them or pay for them to be made.

Wish Weta would sell the rings but they don't.
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