Rocketeer Helmet not movie acurate


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This is my first build and also my first post. I love the Rocketeer movie and then the comic and have always wanted to own the helmet but could never afford to buy one. Frustration got to me and I decided I would just have to make my own. that’s how I discovered this website. I found a pep file and set to work. I have to confess I did this about six months ago and I can’t remember where I found the file.
I assembled the helmet but it was too big so I reduced it to 85%

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I used car body filler and sanded it down. I repeated this until smooth. I then spray painted it and sanded that down to fill in all the scratches and pin holes.

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I couldn’t figure out how to make the lenses so I went into town and bought a cheep pair of woman’s sunglasses. The kind with the huge lenses. I took the arms of and sawed through the bridge of the nose. I then turned them upside down. Cut the holes out of the helmet by drilling a hole where the eyes had to be then took the blade out of my saw and stuck it through the hole and sawed the openings out.

I took the lenses out of the frame and put them somewhere safe because I didn’t want to scratch them. Since the car body filler made the helmet rigid I could get the lenses back in. so I had to take a craft knife and scrap of some material until the popped back in.

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I used masking tape to mark where I thought the raised lines should go.

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I didn’t think that the helmet would be finished unless I had something to wear under it. So I searched the internet for weeks until I found an army and navy store that sold aviator caps. I could have got one sooner but all the other websites where in America and I live in England so the postage would have made the whole thing too expensive.

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the helmet is finished and is now ready for me to waer. while stricking a dramatic pose

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and just so my Dad doesnt feel left out he gets to have at go aswell, its only fair since he was the one who showed me how to do a lot of the work on this build.

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beautiful pep. Hey, just a thought theres people that take a glue gun and go along the seams. Then paint over top of it to give the effect of welding. Just a suggestion.


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That's fantastic!

I tend to look at things as having a natural duality (it's part of the reason I chose my username.)

Movie accuracy is great when that's what you're going for but sometimes stuff that people make that isn't necessarily intended to be screen-accurate is just as fantastic in my humble opinion.

Pieces like this just have a charm that I absolutely love (and I tend to obsess over Rocketeer helmets - both original castings and fan made pieces.)

If anything, I think it takes a heck of a lot of effort to pour that much time and effort into a replica like that - a lot more than in takes to order a kit and just slap some paint on it.

So, long story short, I think it's awesome and it shows just how much you appreciate the character.


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i have what in my opinion is the best pepakura Rocketeer helmet file. It ia available from a RPF member's website . The helmet scale needs to be reduced to 90 or 85 % in your printer settings.Check out my pepakura / rocketeer build by clicking on the facebook icon on my posts or my photo album on my profile page. Ther is also a pepakura file of the rocketeer jetpack available.
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