Limited Run Rick Deckard Blade Runner 1982 Trench Coat By ELS

This is all really looking great! My only comment is that I feel certain that the original had a thin layer of quilting under the surface (or between the outer layer and lining. All the stills posted (to me) indicate this. I see this serving two purposes: bulks up the profile a bit but doesn’t add weight. Probably a 1/4" layer of dacron. And plus, it was the 80s, right? The "look" harkened back to the 30s-40s, but everything back in the 80s was silky and puffy to some degree!

Beyond the 80s angle there are a few practical reasons that might come into play: It would allow the outer layer to be a little softer and thus flow more easily.

One final thought: they HAD to had given the whole thing some kind or moisture sealing given that it's raining the entire film.
Resurrecting this old post--I remember this being a specific point of concern with the old Abbyshot coats. The V1 had a rain resistant coating which made it a great, practical raincoat--but, the result was that it didn't wrinkle, crumple and bend correctly. The fabric flow was wrong. They corrected this on the V2 and did away with the coating, and the result was a less practical piece that looked a lot more accurate.

I was under the impression that the general consensus was that the film coat wasn't coated and didn't have any sort of rain-proof finish. I would personally opt for accuracy for my own coat, but it's true, an alternate rain-proof fabric could be an interesting choice if the true goal was practicality.

Jameel Ur

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I asked my dying master, he said we can apply water resistance process on this coat, but I'm not sure yet.
As we know, Egyptian cotton is thin fabric so we have to use interlining in the coat.
Small progress,

Mitch LaRue

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I have to tell you, I’m really very impressed by what you’ve done, here, Jameel… and it’s looking really fantastic
but I do have a concern & question about the Fit of this coat:

Sometimes with a pair of pants you’ll see them offered in a “Slim Fit” style as well as a “Relaxed Fit” (with the idea being that the “Slim Fit” is -obviously- a more snug-fitting piece of clothing)
With this coat I think an important consideration needs to be that in order to capture the LOOK of the original worn by Ford, the coat itself needs to be “roomy” enough to fit a person who is wearing a couple of layers of clothing underneath

By no means am I saying it should be a Baggy Coat… but I think it needs to be a bit something that can accommodate more than just the mannequin we see in these shots

Early on we saw shots with You (I assume it was you) wearing the coat …but I know there have been revisions made since that time
Would it be possible to see someone wearing the coat while Also wearing a light sport coat underneath?
I think that would help all of us to see How the coat reacts to that

Please don’t get me wrong; the Color, Drape & great Details you’re hitting are Wonderful…
but seeing how it looks with the extra Layer might help all of us (yourself included) to see how it’s progressing

Thanks for your time :)

Jameel Ur

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I understand, it's 80's fashion and it's loose fit/ baggy style coat.
My Officer K coat "M" size coat has 42" chest so I increased in Deckard coat chest 4 inches, now it has 46 chest.
As well, sleeve width also have increased 3 inches.
I'll take new images with blazer as i complete new ones.
I'm not in images.


I myself am waiting for images of the sample coat in the Egyptian cotton before I finalize my order, and I think the note above about it having a little room is important. My magnoli coat accommodates the other layers, but it's a bit snugger than I'd like it to be.
I develop samples as per my model/ mannequin.
All your coat order would be custom size, base on your given sizes.
I already increased chest size for blazer, but If someone asks moor room in his coat so I'll do that.
How many measurements do you need from someone when ordering the coat? Or, rather, what's the minimum number of measurements you need? Would height, weight and chest size be sufficient, or will we get a more accurate fit with more measurements?

I know the blazer was linen, so it wasn't exactly terribly thick fabric--part of the issue with the Magnoli in terms of fit Steveboski was that I think most versions they made of that blazer were a wool blend, which likely added bulk.

This mockup's looking great Jameel Ur . Although it looks like the pockets are a little bit too close to the center line and could stand to be spaced outwards slightly more, at least from what I'm seeing with Egon's coat. The film coat's fabric also had more of a texture to the surface of it--it wasn't entirely smooth. I'm not certain if that fabric, Egyptian cotton texture is present on the surface of this fabric and its just not showing up in the photos. Out of curiosity, were there any other Egyptian cotton fabric blends in white that could be sewn and then dyed the way Egon did his? As that would also open up more color options too.

Jameel Ur

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Hello friends.
Thanks johncarbon1991 for your questions.
Here is my standard size for regular jackets.

Deckard coat has Reglan sleeve so you will measure like below image, neck point to cuff.

Lower pocket placement looks correct to me, please see reference, but pockets placement would very upon sleeve length.
br coat.jpg

I couldn't see any texture on movie coat, Egyptian cotton has oxford weave pattern, please see below image, the dark one is Egyptian cotton.

If anyone ask new colors or different color so I'll do that, but there would be additional custom dying fee.
So, more color option is available.
I disagree to garment dye process, because garment dye change products shape.

Jameel Ur

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To be honestly, I'm not satisfied current coat color, but it's my opinion and I'm just seeing how Egyptian coat comes out.


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Hmmm...I'm also holding out for the Egyptian cotton option / sample pictures before placing my order. Loving, loving, loving the development here.

By the way, on the thickness of the fabric and the water proofing of the film coat, I found these images. They seem to support the EC fabric theory.

That is a really cool detail on the sleeve tab design.



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I'm still in the Egyptian cotton camp, but the finished sample will be the deciding factor. I think it may be up to the purchaser to weather it to achieve desired final look. I do admit that the EC looks slightly too light, but the previous fabric looked too dark/rusty to me. I can add color but can't take it away sort of thing. But the Jameel's commitment to working this thing out has been awesome.
Hello friends,
We just completed EC sample, I have attached buttons without buttonholes.
My master made a mistake and add double stitching on collar tab so please avoid it.

View attachment 1578218 View attachment 1578219 View attachment 1578220 View attachment 1578221 View attachment 1578222 View attachment 1578224
Can we see it with a blazer underneath, as well as some shots from the back with the collar rolled down? Fabric looks good--more I look at it, more I think the best way to go would be to do what Egon did for the final piece, which is custom dye the white Egyptian cotton brown.

Do we have any consensus on the buttons being accurate? I know there's been some debate about those over the years but I don't have the accurate button specs.

Jameel Ur

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I'll take more images with blazer.
I have two option of buttons, SOLID color buttons and contrast buttons as i attached in last sample.
As i wrote above, garment dye on cotton fabric could be changed the shape and measurements out.
Have we consensus or decided final coat color?
I'll take more images with blazer.
I have two option of buttons, SOLID color buttons and contrast buttons as i attached in last sample.
As i wrote above, garment dye on cotton fabric could be changed the shape and measurements out.
Have we consensus or decided final coat color?
The contrast buttons look like what were used to me in some screenshots, but I'm not sure--it's why I ask if someone like Mechanismo might have that info, since I don't definitively. I've found this one photo, which offers a blurry look at one of the buttons, but otherwise I'm sort of assuming the contrast ones are it without more to go off of.

What's the coat lining like? More photos of it on a real person in all the variations would be best--collar rolled down, collar propped up, buttoned up, but in general this looks really sharp. Massively impressed.


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