blade runner

  1. shpider

    Blade Runner Deckard's Blaster Switch

    Does anyone have a source for the white and black switch for Deckard's Blaster ?
  2. rickhoward

    Deckard's Newspaper - The Independent Sentinel

    Social distancing = a chance to do some spring cleaning... I have an extra Independent Sentinel newspaper from my "Blade Runner Vault" that I’m selling, and thought I’d give the group first dibs. $30 PLUS shipping to your location. Here are the details: Designed by Japanese Blade Runner...

    Blade Runner Leon's COP Concept pistol

    I did a few of these last year and while digging through some boxes yesterday I found this after kinda forgetting about it. Normally, I get $500 for a COP, but just to clear this out I'm letting it go for HALF that. Note that I only made ONE with rubber grips and a worn steel finish- this is...
  4. SpeedRacerx

    Deckard's Blaster (Griesbeck)

    Selling my Blade Runner- 3D Printed Deckard Blaster Kit with amber grips. I believe it is version 2. This is a Rob Griesbeck Kit. If you know of Rob's work, then you know he makes great items. I never got around to assembling it and have decided to let it go. I will cover shipping within U.S...
  5. Rebelproof


    Attention Replicants & Blade Runners!!! I m selling this wonderful taylor made costume of Gaff as seen in the original BLADE RUNNER. Fabrics are as canon as it gets and of high quality. My size: 6.2 / 200 lbs -> Id say this costumes fits anyone between 6.1 and 6.4. without problems (normal body...
  6. Rebelproof


    I am selling this Gaff Pilot helmet from Blade Runner. It’s probably as close as you can get it as the reference photos. The base is a A-N-H15 Army WW2 Flying helmet (same as in Star Wars) and a Army R-14 Radio Reciever Head set. Size is ~7 1/2. But you can easily adjust it to bigger or...
  7. Helix6187

    Tomenosuke steel barrel replacement

    Hello ! Available for sale. Tomenosuke steel replacement barrel. Blued barrel ready to be installed. Price for one unit is 85usd shipped accross north america with a tracking number (including Alaska). Please do not use the buy it now button. For international shipping please contact me...
  8. TridCloudwalker

    Tomenosuke Assembly Kit Tutorial Video

    Despite getting the kit over a year ago, I've only had time to finally sit down and put it together last month, and to be honest, I was a little intimidated. This is my absolute holy grail kit; the one I've wanted since the beginning. I didn't want to screw it up, and wanted to have a very solid...
  9. StarWarsGuy

    Is this a legit Rick Ross PKD-II kit?

    Found this out in my dad's garage and was wondering if this is a legit Rick Ross model or a reproduction.
  10. phase pistol

    SOLD Tomenosuke Marushin PRO Blade Runner blaster metal prop replica I hate to let this one go so please give it a good home. This is the famous Tomenosuke Marushin PRO Blade Runner blaster! Heavy metal, impressive weight, fits comfortably in...
  11. mgoob

    Blade Runner Roy Batty 1/6th scale Action Figure

    He hasn't been on display since 2004. This is a 1/6th scale action figure. The tissue paper stuck to the Veclro tab that was there. I'll leave it up to the buyer as to how they want to clean it off. Officially known as "android 001" which was made in 2002 by Time Wave Zero. What you see is...
  12. mugatu

    Want to Buy Blade Runner Blaster Grips (Amber)

    Hello. I am looking for a set of Blade Runner Blaster grips in the screen-used amber color. Would prefer a set in the size and shape of the Worldcon or recent Coyle’s or Tomenosuke. Thank you. Andy
  13. P

    Blade Runner Watch

    Recently I saw a similar watch posted here, and though I know this isn't the *exact* watch from Blade Runner, it's close enough that it'll do for most people! Asking $120 OBO - I have no idea if it works, but it's in pretty good shape!
  14. Jon Laymon

    Blade Runner Bathroom

    My partner and I are doing the bathroom in our new facility very much like Deckard's from the original. We began with some quick CAD for a layout: We'll be doing a shower instead of a tub, and the room proportions are different (taller, narrower) but should still allow us to capture the look...
  15. BeLikeWater

    Blade Runner Blaster

    Just checking what’s out there. Open to anything that’s accurate and not a water gun :)
  16. philmonty

    Detailed Gaff costume from 1982 Blade Runner

    Hi all Had anyone done a detailed analysis of Gaff's costumes from 1982 Blade Runner? I'm working on a costume for November this year in LA - have the coat and silver suit, just trying to figure out the shirt and bow tie. In some pics it looks grey, and sometimes it looks blue - with a pattern...
  17. J

    Machining a Blade Runner blaster from scratch

    Hi, Decided to put my machining skills to the test and try to make a Blade Runner blaster almost entirely from scratch out of aluminium in my home hobby workshop. No photos yet sorry but made a YouTube video of my progress so far making the receiver of the bulldog part of the prop. Part two...

    Limited Run Blade Runner: Leon's 'Concept' COP kit

    Hello everyone, This limited run is for Leon's Concept Version COP pistol, based on the simple line drawing made for the movie. Background and details about the project can be found in the build thread...
  19. eaviii

    Home again, home again. Jiggity jig.

    I don’t think I’ve seen these on here before but these 2 got added to my “robot” collection. Kaiser and Bear. They were done by an Italian artist. The medals and the spike on the pickelhaube are placeholders. Got them to go with the chess set (awaiting the board). Doc
  20. NuadaDesigns

    Adam Savage's first BladeRunner Blaster. Pic Heavy (Nearly done)

    After watching the video on Adam Savage's Blade Runner Blaster Obsession, for the 50th time, I decided to have a go at trying to replicate the very first blaster that he made, back in the day. Even though he was going for a PKD replica, I think the design he ended up with was pretty sweet and i...
  21. Wailonskydog

    Blade Runner Blaster Holster Build

    Been trying to score Deckard's blaster for a while but it's a pretty big project to commit to. In the meantime, I grabbed the Takagi version which would be a good start on which to model the holster. Here's how I did it: First, I grabbed all the reference material I could find and properly...
  22. TKY2019

    Who is the owner of this BLADE RUNNER POLICE SPINNER photo?

    Hi,I'm looking for high resolution photos for Spinner restoration. I saw this picture on RPF several years ago. This photo retains the characteristics of the original prop. I want to refer to it. POLICE SPINNER RESTORE PROJECT. Blade Runner:police spinner restore project
  23. D

    LTB PKD blaster kit

    I’m experienced hobbist and painter, looking to expand into prop building, and I want to to try my hand at building Deckard’s infamous “blaster” from Blade Runner. Any recommendations as to where I could acquire a decent quality kit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and nice to meet you guys!
  24. F

    Blade runner blaster

    Looking for a DOPPELGANGER or similar blade runner blaster kit.
  25. TheYellowFever

    PLEASE HELP! Question about Tomenosuke/revolvers

    Hi, so I’ve recently bought a tomenosuke with a steel cylinder. It was noted that when the trigger was pulled the cylinder would not spin every time because of the added weight. When I received it to try the trigger, the hammer didn’t go all the way back and didn’t back the “click” sound of the...