blade runner

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  1. sketcherdan

    Tomenosuke - Blade Runner Blaster 2049 Assembly Kit - Assembled + Upgrades (UK ONLY)

    Tomenosuke - Blade Runner Blaster 2049 Assembly Kit - Assembled + Upgraded Metal Tomenosuke, was the kit version which I assembled. Action works very well. Went with a clean polished finish with mine, but of course could be blued or weathered as you like. Has the steel barrel upgrade which...
  2. L

    Richard Coyle RacProps Worldcon Blade Runner PKD Blaster

    A very early (2015) Richard Coyle Worldcon Deckard PKD blaster, from Blade Runner. This was made by Richard and not a kit version, and is numbered 0006 of 1000. Richards blasters very rarely come on the market, with most being kept by collectors. Richard is also still available to repair and...
  3. SpeedRacerx

    Griesbeck BR Deckard Kit

    Needing to sell some projects off. Selling my Griesbeck 3D Printed Deckard Blaster kit. If you know of RGriesbeck's runs, then you know they're top notch. Includes everything from the standard kit (wiring & lights included) PLUS the optional resin grips. Open to offers. Ships US only. Shipping...
  4. dmpsk8

    Blade Runner Binding Posts

    Up for grabs are a few Blade Runner binding posts. I know prices on these have sky rocketed to crazy-town lately, so I'm trying to list them at a fair price. Please read the details carefully below. Message me to confirm your total before hitting the purchase button. I have (1) vintage binding...
  5. JADoble

    Johnnie Walker x Blade Runner 2049 Directors Cut Whisky

    I'll soon be making my first house purchase so I'm selling off some of my collection, starting with these bottles of Johnnie Walker x Blade Runner 2049 Directors Cut Whisky. I assume if you're here then you know what you're getting into, but for those who don't: At the start of 2018 Johnnie...

    Blade Runner Leon's COP (concept version)

    Pooling some funds for resources and tools to take on coming projects. I almost never offer finished builds of my models or take on commissions, so this is a good opportunity to get one if you're interested in that over building it yourself. Here is a completed copy of my Leon Concept COP gun...
  7. philmonty

    Detailed Gaff costume from 1982 Blade Runner

    Hi all Had anyone done a detailed analysis of Gaff's costumes from 1982 Blade Runner? I'm working on a costume for November this year in LA - have the coat and silver suit, just trying to figure out the shirt and bow tie. In some pics it looks grey, and sometimes it looks blue - with a pattern...
  8. samura indy

    Blade Runner Water Pistol

    I'll probably never get around to doing this up. Sorry, postage only within Australia. Buyer pays shipping.
  9. rickhoward

    Tomenosuke Blaster Display Stand

    $75 USD PLUS shipping costs to your location. Nice clear plexiglass version of the stand designed by David Goldberg. New, unused, parts never removed from their container. Designed for use with these Tomenosuke models: · Pro Retailer Edition · Pro HCG Exclusive · 2049 Movie Prop Version · 2049...
  10. J

    Machining a Blade Runner blaster from scratch

    Hi, Decided to put my machining skills to the test and try to make a Blade Runner blaster almost entirely from scratch out of aluminium in my home hobby workshop. No photos yet sorry but made a YouTube video of my progress so far making the receiver of the bulldog part of the prop. Part two...
  11. Andy3E

    FS: RACProps PKD Blade Runner Blaster Kit

    Im moving on a new/unworked on Richard Coyle PKD. Imported this a couple of years ago and just did not, will not have the time to do anything with them. All pieces were just unwrapped to take pictures, otherwise everything was how it arrived and all present. Looking for £450 + Shipping, will...
  12. CaptainEO

    Off-World Blade Runner Blaster

    For sale: Off-World Mfg. Blade Runner blaster. BRAND NEW, never even displayed. New in box! This is a great looking gun, check out the pics! Number 116/130 with COA .

    Limited Run Blade Runner: Leon's 'Concept' COP kit

    Hello everyone, This limited run is for Leon's Concept Version COP pistol, based on the simple line drawing made for the movie. Background and details about the project can be found in the build thread...
  14. eaviii

    Home again, home again. Jiggity jig.

    I don’t think I’ve seen these on here before but these 2 got added to my “robot” collection. Kaiser and Bear. They were done by an Italian artist. The medals and the spike on the pickelhaube are placeholders. Got them to go with the chess set (awaiting the board). Doc
  15. NuadaDesigns

    Adam Savage's first BladeRunner Blaster. Pic Heavy (Nearly done)

    After watching the video on Adam Savage's Blade Runner Blaster Obsession, for the 50th time, I decided to have a go at trying to replicate the very first blaster that he made, back in the day. Even though he was going for a PKD replica, I think the design he ended up with was pretty sweet and i...
  16. Wailonskydog

    Blade Runner Blaster Holster Build

    Been trying to score Deckard's blaster for a while but it's a pretty big project to commit to. In the meantime, I grabbed the Takagi version which would be a good start on which to model the holster. Here's how I did it: First, I grabbed all the reference material I could find and properly...
  17. TKY2019

    Who is the owner of this BLADE RUNNER POLICE SPINNER photo?

    Hi,I'm looking for high resolution photos for Spinner restoration. I saw this picture on RPF several years ago. This photo retains the characteristics of the original prop. I want to refer to it. POLICE SPINNER RESTORE PROJECT. Blade Runner:police spinner restore project
  18. D

    LTB PKD blaster kit

    I’m experienced hobbist and painter, looking to expand into prop building, and I want to to try my hand at building Deckard’s infamous “blaster” from Blade Runner. Any recommendations as to where I could acquire a decent quality kit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and nice to meet you guys!
  19. F

    Blade runner blaster

    Looking for a DOPPELGANGER or similar blade runner blaster kit.
  20. TheYellowFever

    PLEASE HELP! Question about Tomenosuke/revolvers

    Hi, so I’ve recently bought a tomenosuke with a steel cylinder. It was noted that when the trigger was pulled the cylinder would not spin every time because of the added weight. When I received it to try the trigger, the hammer didn’t go all the way back and didn’t back the “click” sound of the...
  21. Serenity

    Want to Buy Real or Steel Cylinder for Blade Runner Blaster

    Hey all, Anyone have a spare real CA or steel machined cylinder that will fit in the Coyle blaster? If so, drop me a line. Thanks!
  22. mrcarkeys42

    Blade Runner Blaster (Marvel Comics Adaptation)

    Recently saw somebody post an image of a vintage comic book adaptation of blade runner from 1982 published by marvel. Im not a comic book guy and had never heard of it before, but I noticed that the blaster on the cover art was completely different from the one in the movie, or any version of...
  23. TheYellowFever

    Want to Buy Blade Runner Blaster

    Looking for a Richard Coyle assembled and painted kit or a Tomenosuke. I'd prefer the Tomenosuke be custom blued.
  24. TheYellowFever

    Want to Buy Blade Runner Blaster

    I'm looking for a full metal Blade Runner Blaster. Either the Racprops kit or the Tomenosuke. Looking for it to be either blued or painted accurately to the original used prop.
  25. M

    Blade Runner Deckard 1:1 scale head by Andy Wright

    Hi all.Just thought I would share Andy Wright's 1:1 scale Rick Deckard head that will be for my full statue.Hopefully I should have pic's of the full statue in the next few days.

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