blade runner

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  1. SimonVestford

    Blade Runner Eye Scanner

    Joatrash eye scanner kit for sale with all parts intact. World wide free shipping. I have a lot of other Blade Runner 2049 items for sale, just ask.
  2. smackingmac93

    Does anyone know how/where a reasonably priced holster for pkd blaster?

    Looking for reasonably priced holster for PKD blaster? (blade runner) doesn’t need to be screen accurate
  3. smackingmac93

    Blade runner PKD blaster question

    Finished main coat of paint to my prop blaster for a film we have been working on, but any thoughts on best way to weather this slightly? Thinking some silver chrome on a brush but let me know y’all’s thoughts? Thank you
  4. SimonVestford

    Blade Runner 2049 blasters

    Resin cast blasters from Blade Runner 2049, with working LEDS. - Worldwide shipping $60 - I have many other Blade Runner 2049 items for sale: Bar glasses $40 Ks Bon Bon container $40 Ks Boots $100 Clear Drinking Containers 25 Neca Horse $125 Joatrash Eye scanner kit $570 Lampetit designer Lamp...
  5. SimonVestford

    Ana Stelline Teapot and Sugar bowl

    From Blade Runner 2049, Ana Stellines teapot and sugar bowl from Danish design George Jensen. This is discontinued by George Jensen - SHIPPING $35- I have many other Blade Runner 2049 items for sale: Bar glasses $40 Ks and Deckards Blasters $455 Ks Bon Bon container $40 Ks Boots $100 Clear...
  6. spoudastis

    Watch Transplants - Blade Runner and Alien

    Recently I have completed a couple of watch projects; Deckard's watch from Blade Runner and the Hicks Colonial Marines watch from Aliens. Both of these projects involved some transplanting and a few years of diligently searching ebay. Deckards watch I got this Microma from ebay about a year...
  7. Buch

    Blade Runner Buddha heads

    If you don't want to spend countless hours searching the web you now have the opportunity to jump the line and acquire this charming pair of accurate vintage bronze Buddha heads. These Buddhas are seen in many shots around Deckard's apartment (desk, bedside, piano etc.) and are the perfect...
  8. BlasterGuy83

    Blade Runner 2049 K blaster handle

    Just 3d printed a replica of K's blaster and I want to give the handle that nice carbon fiber look so I got some carbon fiber auto wrapping and I'm having a devil of a time getting it to conform to the handle's peculiar shape. I know I could probably paint it, but the wrap looks really good. Any...
  9. Deetz

    Sapper Morton colony helmet

    About a year ago I built a movie replica of the Sapper Morton helmet from Bladerunner 2049. I thought it would be fun to have a go at changing the look, and thought it might be interesting to give it a paint scheme like it has been used by a replicant on one of the off-world colonies. No doubt...
  10. dmcox01

    Coyle Blade Runner blaster

    This blaster kit was purchased in early 2019 and completed mid-2020. Lights are working although the green LEDs are very finicky. Black enamel paint was used, followed by graphite powder on the parts that should have metallic look, flat or satin clear coat was then applied to each part. The...
  11. T

    Issues with Tomenosuke OG Edition blaster

    Has anyone had any issues with the cylinder not properly rotating when the trigger is pulled? I just received my OG Edition blaster and the cylinder only rotated 2 or 3 times, then stops. I have to eject it, turn it by had, then put it back in only for it to only turn 2 or 3 more times. The...
  12. M

    I made Deckard's Blade Runner gun for less than thirty bucks

    First of all, I plead guilty to the court that my gun is NOT at all movie accurate. But as someone who just can't afford Deckard's gun and who refuses to fork over seventy bucks for the squirt gun, I decided why not make one myself? I hope you folks might enjoy this, and again go easy on me for...
  13. DaveChaos

    Metal Blade Runner PKD Blaster Build

    Hi all, As many of you Blade Runner fans already know there is a rather wonderful 3D model available made by AndersEFP available on Thingiverse. I reached out to Anders to discuss the possibility of making a Pewter model from his files to which he agreed much to my delight. He also kindly made...
  14. S

    Anders PKD Blaster - Screws, LEDs, weights

    I have some of these packed and ready to be shipped. The kit contains everything to assemble a blaster according to the instructions on Thingiverse (actually there's one extra M3x10 that's missing from the instructions). All screws are in stainless steel except for the slotted M3 for the...
  15. rgriesbeck

    Unlimited Run Blade Runner - Deckard's Blaster Stand (w/ Bullets)

    This fits my gun well, but it should also work with other BR blasters as mine is very similar and there is some "wiggle room" Each kit will come with 5 acrylic pieces & 5 3D printed bullets. You can paint the bullets or go to a firing range and get some .44 casings and then cut the top off the...
  16. Custard Gannet

    Blade Runner 2049 "Trash Mesa" Relief Piece

    This is kind of an indulgent experiment, but I'm making a (not really a diorama, more like a) bas relief of the Trash Mesa, in (about) 1:87 / HO scale. The intention is to cast this in cold cast iron, and let oxidation have its way with it... The printed peugeot needed a little bit of cleanup...
  17. AjaxIronside

    Another Blade Runner Blaster

    Hi Y'all! So I'll be the first to admit, this model was a little over my head. I did a LOT of research, and did a lot of practice beforehand, but there are things that I feel I would've done a little differently if I had practiced just a little more. That said, I'm happy with it! I used some...
  18. Egon

    Rick Deckard Blade Runner 1982 - Soup to Nuts!

    Hey all, This project has been a long time coming! Generally, I make mostly Star Wars related costumes, but I was contacted by (I think) a fellow member, Mark Dubeau, about making Deckard's trench coat. I wasn't in a good living space at the time (actually pretty unsafe but that's another...
  19. masterjedi322

    Tomenosuke Blade Runner 2049 blaster build

    Like many folks here, I’ve been a big fan of Blade Runner for a long time, so I was really excited when Tomenosuke was granted a license to produce replica blasters. Unfortunately, I missed out on some of their early runs, so when the 2049 kit was offered, I snatched one up immediately. And...
  20. zenx13

    Blade Runner "Inspired" Blaster (Scratch Built): PKD-13

    Greetings everyone! I am new to the RPF Forum and wanted to share my Blade Runner Inspired Blaster project to date. I have been working on it (on and off) for about 4 months but some of the items I collected for the build go back a number of years. I was not sure if I had the right skills yet...
  21. Compo

    Blade Runner meets Aliens!! Vid-Phonē, Pulse Rifle motion tracker display

    Been working on my man cave since the start of the U.K. lockdown. Taking inspiration from my favourite films, everyone needs a hobby
  22. Lowbeer

    Another Snub-nosed Blade Runner blaster thread because... can you ever really have too many?

    So before everyone gets so sick of Blade Runner blaster and snub-nosed blaster posts they just tell me to take it the hell over to Propsummit already I figured I'd post about my own snub blaster build. veektohr once described Luke's saber as "a perfect object". This is an accurate description...
  23. tennantlim

    Yet another Blade Runner PKD!

    Greetings fellow builders! I hope everyone is doing well amidst the COVID-19 conditions in your respective regions. Personally, I'm grateful to be residing in my home country Singapore where the situation is efficiently contained. Aside from abiding to regulations that require us to wear masks...
  24. eethan

    Limited Run Blade Runner police badges with vintage Amberlith X. Deckard, Gaff, Holden and Bryant

    Hello there, It’s finally time to open my run of blade runner police badges and at the same time, my professional website where I’ll be selling all my future items. I have been working on that run since April with the input of the community both on the RPF and on Propsummit. You can find both...
  25. Wells Sculpture

    My Hannibal Chew

    Work in progress

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