blade runner

  1. Indy Magnoli

    Interest Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses?

    We're thinking of doing a run of these whiskey glasses, but to get the price reasonable (I'm thinking around $100 for a set of four) we'd have to do at least 30-40 sets, preferably more. So, who would be interested based on this pricing? Kind regards, Indy Magnoli Props
  2. Electronic Lids

    For Sale : Tomenosuke 2049 Blaster

    I'm selling my grail today due to moving costs. It's from the original Tomenosuke batches before being licensed for an unlimited run of movie tie in Blasters. Less than 150 of these were made. Under Adam Savage's helpful instructions I've since stripped the finish, added a steel barrel and gun...
  3. MatterWiz

    Blade Runner 2049 Ks apartment - 1/32 diorama

    I wanted to do another BR 2049 build and as seems to be a recurring theme for me I chose another pretty huge project. This thread is gonna be me documenting the research and build of a 1/32 scale version of Ks apartment. I've already done some research to find correct scale for all the rooms, so...
  4. mgoob

    Blade Runner Wallet Set w/ Contents Framed

    I've had this hanging on my wall, out of direct sunlight, for about 17 years or more. I want to hang something else there so this is up for sale. I can't remember when I got it from Phil Steinscheider, who, with Rich Coyle, figured out what was needed for Deckard's pistol. I've not opened the...
  5. darthwhitey

    Blade Runner Takagi water gun

    Blade Runner Blaster Takagi Type M2019 Water Gun I've got TWO of these...PM me before hitting the "buy it now" button for shipping Brand new in original plastic. Never opened. Ships same or next day from the USA Cheers
  6. DarthWilder

    Blade Runner 2049 Tomenosuke STUNT MODEL

    Unbuilt kit. Some plastic pieces have fallen off their trees, but the kit is complete. $325 shipped in continental USA. No overseas shipping due to the nature of this item. Thanks for looking!
  7. Jameel Ur

    Rick Deckard Blade Runner 1982 Trench Coat!

    Hey all, We have done our first most screen accurate Blade Runner Deckard coat. Here are few different samples images. I had started a separate thread about as limited run, Limited Run - Rick Deckard Blade Runner 1982 Trench Coat By ELS
  8. rickhoward

    Medicom 1/18 Police Spinner and Blu-Ray Collector Set

    A cool item, but I must let it go: Medicom Blade Runner Collector Set with 1:18 police spinner and Blu-Ray. It has sat in my display case unopened, since acquiring it. I love the spinner design, and this one is very nice, and its rear bumper is present and attached (not always attached, or in...
  9. Jameel Ur

    Limited Run Rick Deckard Blade Runner 1982 Trench Coat By ELS

    Hey all, Edit: Final version images, Egyptian cotton fabric sample, before dying and after dying images. Here are new updated coat images. New updates: You can send me over an email at for your orders, or you can place your order at...
  10. zenx13

    Scratchbuilt Baseline Scanner - Blade Runner 2049

    When I first saw Blade Runner 2049 I wanted to try to make the Baseline Scanner but sadly never found the time. I just finished a personal project and instead of going over to one of my unfinished ones I decided to start another... again (is this a disease?). I want to thank others here on the...
  11. JamesTalon

    Blade Runner 2049 Baseline Scanner

    Hi As always with me I'm years late to the conversation on this prop but thought you might like to see what I made anyway. This was made using the excellent model by Empiricus, thank you sir. I put an arduino sound card in it and edited the full speech so it has the gap for you to say...
  12. shrap66

    My take on the Sebastian Chess set

    Was able to get a deal on E-bay for a British Birds chess set which prompted me into this build. The set came in by mail and 8 pieces were broken as well as a few missing bits. I was able to repair using some molding clay for the missing parts and stick the broken pieces back together with...
  13. OmegaShogun

    *Real* Blade Runner 2049 Joi Hologram

    I'm not sure if it quite counts as a "prop" but I spent a lot of time trying to recreate my favorite scene from Blade Runner 2049 in augmented reality using Microsoft Halolens and 3D modeling software. Admittedly the most impressive part of this project is the model itself, which someone else...
  14. smackingmac93

    Blaster and holster ready for filming!

    Got the blaster finished, painting and details, and holster for filming our short blade runner inspired film!
  15. smackingmac93

    Does anyone know how/where a reasonably priced holster for pkd blaster?

    Looking for reasonably priced holster for PKD blaster? (blade runner) doesn’t need to be screen accurate
  16. smackingmac93

    Blade runner PKD blaster question

    Finished main coat of paint to my prop blaster for a film we have been working on, but any thoughts on best way to weather this slightly? Thinking some silver chrome on a brush but let me know y’all’s thoughts? Thank you
  17. spoudastis

    Watch Transplants - Blade Runner and Alien

    Recently I have completed a couple of watch projects; Deckard's watch from Blade Runner and the Hicks Colonial Marines watch from Aliens. Both of these projects involved some transplanting and a few years of diligently searching ebay. Deckards watch I got this Microma from ebay about a year...
  18. BlasterGuy83

    Blade Runner 2049 K blaster handle

    Just 3d printed a replica of K's blaster and I want to give the handle that nice carbon fiber look so I got some carbon fiber auto wrapping and I'm having a devil of a time getting it to conform to the handle's peculiar shape. I know I could probably paint it, but the wrap looks really good. Any...
  19. Deetz

    Sapper Morton colony helmet

    About a year ago I built a movie replica of the Sapper Morton helmet from Bladerunner 2049. I thought it would be fun to have a go at changing the look, and thought it might be interesting to give it a paint scheme like it has been used by a replicant on one of the off-world colonies. No doubt...
  20. T

    Issues with Tomenosuke OG Edition blaster

    Has anyone had any issues with the cylinder not properly rotating when the trigger is pulled? I just received my OG Edition blaster and the cylinder only rotated 2 or 3 times, then stops. I have to eject it, turn it by had, then put it back in only for it to only turn 2 or 3 more times. The...
  21. M

    I made Deckard's Blade Runner gun for less than thirty bucks

    First of all, I plead guilty to the court that my gun is NOT at all movie accurate. But as someone who just can't afford Deckard's gun and who refuses to fork over seventy bucks for the squirt gun, I decided why not make one myself? I hope you folks might enjoy this, and again go easy on me for...
  22. DaveChaos

    Metal Blade Runner PKD Blaster Build

    Hi all, As many of you Blade Runner fans already know there is a rather wonderful 3D model available made by AndersEFP available on Thingiverse. I reached out to Anders to discuss the possibility of making a Pewter model from his files to which he agreed much to my delight. He also kindly made...
  23. rgriesbeck

    Unlimited Run Blade Runner - Deckard's Blaster Stand (w/ Bullets)

    This fits my gun well, but it should also work with other BR blasters as mine is very similar and there is some "wiggle room" Each kit will come with 5 acrylic pieces & 5 3D printed bullets. You can paint the bullets or go to a firing range and get some .44 casings and then cut the top off the...
  24. Custard Gannet

    Blade Runner 2049 "Trash Mesa" Relief Piece

    This is kind of an indulgent experiment, but I'm making a (not really a diorama, more like a) bas relief of the Trash Mesa, in (about) 1:87 / HO scale. The intention is to cast this in cold cast iron, and let oxidation have its way with it... The printed peugeot needed a little bit of cleanup...
  25. AjaxIronside

    Another Blade Runner Blaster

    Hi Y'all! So I'll be the first to admit, this model was a little over my head. I did a LOT of research, and did a lot of practice beforehand, but there are things that I feel I would've done a little differently if I had practiced just a little more. That said, I'm happy with it! I used some...