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so, they are remaking "the troll hunter", a film that literally JUST hit american theatres, and is an amazing movie.
so why, WHY on gods green earth would they remake a perfectly good film that just came out?

are they really that burned out that they have to do this stuff?
It´s the way the U.S. system works with fresh ideas. There have been several foreign movies in the past that were remade right after or even before U.S. releases.

The Ring IIRC, then there was Three men and a baby, The Experiment and a number of other movies that were instantly remade.

Btw, as a mod I am always grateful when people take the time to make their thread titles actually reflect what a thread´s about ;)

Don't forget girl with the dragon tattoo.

The way I see it, North americans are lazy when it comes to foreign films. Generally they are not interested in subtitles or hearing english dubbing. And on top of that, foreing cinema doesn't get alot of press here. If it were remade with matthew mcwhothehellcares and jennifer garner in the lead roles, people would get all giddy.

Thats not to say troll hunter isn't a bad movie, in fact i've heard nothing but amazing reviews about it and I really wanna see it. But this is coming from a movienerd, which unfortunately, most of nother america isn't.
Just look at U.S. TV networks. They cancel anything new, especially anything that even smells like scifi. Then they spin the giant wheel that has "Law & Order Clone/CSI Clone/ER Clone/NYPD Blue Clone and then replace the good show with that. Movie companies and TV networks here just regurgitate the same crap over and over.
They've done it for ages and they'll continue to do it. Although as with most things they seem to be getting quicker.
I'm still waiting for the abomination that is the OLDBOY remake starring Will Smith (although hopefully someone with sense talked him out of it, 'cause it's gone quite for a while).
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