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I decided it's time to show some progress shots of my latest project, a four foot tall Velociraptor, loosely based on the Jurassic Park version, only smaller. If all goes well I intend donating to the local children's hospice, for them to auction or to keep.

The armature consists of old support tubes from a keyboard stand and various bits of ironmongery and PVS pipe. I also used cross sectional templates cut out of plywood to aid scaling the model, rather like boat building. I then covered the templates with chicken wire and covered it with a couple of layers of modroc bandages to act as a rigid support for the clay.

Note the plywood templates are in two pieces, the outer 1" being removed prior to using wire mesh and plaster bandages. These are applied later to get the right level when sculpting with clay.










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Re: Full Body Velociraptor Build

I've been super busy and haven't really been on these boards for a while, but it's awesome to come back and see something like this coming together. Very cool. I think I speak for most of us when I say that it would be so cool to have a raptor getting about the house. Great work!
Re: Full Body Velociraptor Build

Thanks for comments folks. This is my first visit to the forum in some time too, and it's also my first post of any of my work. I've started sculpting the general overall shape of the model and I'll keep posting progress shots for anyone that's interested, once I've anything worth sharing. Lots still to do as detailing the skin texture is bound to take me ages, since I'm a slow worker.
Re: Full Body Velociraptor Build

Here's some more progress shots. Clay addition is still very rough so main muscle groups not defined yet. Basically just getting the overal shape sorted using my templates as guides. Coming along not too bad, except I wasn't happy with the end of the tail, so it's been chooped and refixed (not shown in these photos). It needs 24hrs to dry before I can tackle it again. Plenty of other things to do as I've been working mainly on one side. Once that's done I'll complete symmetry on the other side.








An update of progress. Really not much more than bulking out the form. I've added a little detail to the left side of the head and the left leg, but it's still really at the early stages. I've used a small kiddies ball belonging to my grandaughter to approximate for his eye and small nails for teeth. Naturally these are only temporary. Once I complete the bulking out I'll starting defining the muscles and major folds and creases. Once that's done I'll start all the skin texture. So lots to get on with and it might be some time before my next update.
The photos are a bit rough as I never took much time over them, but I might refine some later when I've more time. Also note my wide angle lens working in a confined space has exaggerated the perspective in some of the shots.







Thanks for comments. I'm getting a bit bored trying to match up the other side of the sculpt, so it's more or less symmetrical before I proceed with refining the details. Temperature is also starting to drop in Scotland and my thumbs are aching from pushing ever increasing firmer clay around. Ah the pleasures of sculpting in the winter!
I feel your pain, mate - it was close to zero here in Ireland last night, I was doing a little modelling work in the garage, and a lot of astronomy out in the garden. Neither was very warm!

I've always wanted to build a raptor - preferably to take a mold of to make a suit. Not sure if that's a childish dream, though :)

Still, i could never hope to come close to how awesome this looks! Fantastic work!
I feel your pain, mate - it was close to zero here in Ireland last night......
The wide shot of my garage shows an oil filled panel heater at the back, and there's no way I'd attempt working in it without it. The garage is also double skinned with fibreglass insulation all round, so it's quite cosy. BUT, my thumbs are still sore as hell, so I might give the sculpting a rest for a couple of days and enjoy the much appreciated sunshine to do some photography.
I assume the weather is the same in Ireland since we're close neighbours.
BTW, thanks for your kind comments.
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