Quickie Key of Hamunaptra

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Nwerke, Feb 4, 2012.

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    This here's a stunt KoH that I picked up last year from someone on the forum, Imhotep72 I think. I thought it'd hold the place for a better one until Jaded Monk does another run or something like that. And it came with a couple of other Mummy items that were more what I was after, so it was a bit of a bonus.

    It's sat on a bedroom shelf for most of the last year because it had some casting flaws. A few voids, thousands of pinhole bubbles across the top, and the resin had shrunk in that really weird/annoying way where flat panels become sunken and edges become sharp, raised ridges. I didn't think knocking them down would be practical - the detail was sure to suffer.

    But yesterday I was painting some other stuff in bronze/copper colours and figured 'what the heck'. So I hit it with some primer and trialed the colours and a bit of weathering, and it looked nice enough that I decided it was worth the salvage effort. I knocked down the edges and puttied it last night, did final sanding this morning and just threw some paint in vaguely the right direction.

    For a couple of hours of work on something I thought I'd never really bother with, I think this'll make a pretty nice paperweight! :)

    Also - Simon...see? I do so too finish something. At least once a decade. :p
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    Wow.... I stand corrected. I'm just gonna go have a lay down. This is all too much to take in in one go. Nice one!

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