Question: cutting Captain America shield star w/Dremel


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Hey guys,

Regarding the center star on a Captain America shield...

I have seen some comments and (nice-looking finished products) about cutting the star shape in the actual shield* with a Dremel rotary tool. Question: What kind of Dremel attachment are you using? Standard cutting discs? Metal cutting discs? Something else?

*by shield, I'm primarily interested in the 25-26" aluminum shields by tubemus/rolando and/or C.Fields, though this could probably apply to the thinner steel sled conversions or plastic shields as well.

Thank you.


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Sadly, I have yet to make an Aluminum shield but for the steel sled, I used a

Proxxon IB/E No 38 481 with a 3/32" round hardened steel collet on speed 6.

The how:
Printed a star template
Center the paper star on the shield.
Mask the exterior edge, remove the star and mask the interior.
Layer the tape to build up a guide.
Use an exacto knife to trim for perfect points.
Cut the groves with the Proxxon.
Remove the masking.
Mask the inside lines from the interior points to the center hole.
Cut the next set of groves and clean up the built up steel around the hole.
Remove the mask.

For a plastic shield, recommend the same masking technique but doing it by hand using jeweller's files.


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I built the sled version as well. The star was cut out of a sheet of tin from Home Depot, with a pair of metal snips, then the edges were ground down with the Dremel sanding wheel. 10352342_10153338578155616_584929969004842059_n.jpg
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