Question about Vader paint.

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by _Lee_, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Im just about to start modifying my Rubies supreme and was intending on leaving it all black,although id like to re-apply another paint to give it the glossly look.I am actually intrigued by all the paint schemes used on the different movie versions,but moreso the ANH.Was there a reason for the two tone paint idea?

    Also,were the ESB & ROTJ helmets completely black?

    If there are any older threads with info about paint etc,it would help greatly :)

    Thanks for any help.

  2. RedTwoX

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    The only Vader face plate that is all black was in RotS. All of the OT Vader helmets had the two-tone face plate. Why? I'm not sure. It certainly looks more dramatic in my opinion, so may be a production decision: i.e. the two-face face filmed better than an all black face. Vader's helmet was influenced by Japanese Samurai helmets. Perhaps the originals of the two-face plate can be traced back there. Just two theories of mine. Perhaps a local Vader expert will chime in.
  3. Qui-Gonzalez

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    I may be mistaken but the two tone was for lighting purposes as pure black didn't show very well on film back then.
  4. _Lee_

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    I had thought it might have been a lighting thing,but wasnt too sure.
  5. Darth Kahnt

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    It was a lighting thing back then, I know that for sure.
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    It was painted two tones for the reasons of lack of, or little lighting on the sets, and the fact that black is hard to film. Especailly black on black like in ROTS. With a two tone mask, the mask has the apearance of depth, and is eaier to see and look at. And it gives an optical illusion of seeing a single color- black. The OT masks all have basically the same idea, but vari somewhat. Every other part onthe facec is painted gray, and black. The dome was compley black though.
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    What everyone else has said. The lines/shape of the mask is easier to see with the two tone. Here's some pics of my recently completed paint job (All Black) click on it to enlarge:
    As for the painting, get gloss black,
    Give the mask primer coats with wet/dry sanding inbetween. i used about 4 coats.
    Than a light coat of gloss black making sure you get paint on all areas, hold the can 10inches from the mask and use slow side to side actions when spraying. Let each coat dry for about 15-20mins then apply next coat. I applied 4 coats, let it dry for nearly two weeks then clearcoat.

    It just takes practice, don't hold the can too long in one area or you will have drips resulting in needing to sand that out when dry. Then when clearcoated, leave to dry for up tp two weeks then light wet/dry sanding with 1200-1500 grit then one hell of a polish with novus two
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    Or you can do it the simple way: airbrush the helmet with matt black - you only need 2 layers and no sanding, but you have to give it about 24 hours between each layer - and then you simply clearcoat it - the next day.

    Nothing more is needed and you got a helmet that is glossy and smooth and looks perfect.

    The two-tone version is done the same way: 2 layers of gunmetal grey, then 2 layers of black on the unmasked parts & then a clearcoat or two...

    & no need to waste gloss black if you are going to clearcoat it anyway. Matt black gives a much better and much smoother surface finish than gloss black, so why risk having to do it all over again, by using gloss black. :angel

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