Prop Ideas for Beginners


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I have been making some paper props and I want to get started in making more tangible props.
I have little experience in prop making so I want to start making things that; won't cost to much, with materials that are easy to get and aren't to complex.
If anyone has a suggestion or would like to share their first prop it would be much appreciated.


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This Is always a tough question. As said above it's nice to start with something you would really like to have. but It's not just materials you have to think about as far as cost is concerned. tools play the biggest role If you ask my opinion. depending on how deep you want to go.

What tools are you comfortable working with. what materials have you worked with and what materials would you like to work with. then there's the paint aspect of the project.
not one of my strong suits. lots of stuff to consider.
my passion Is for weapons and one of the first props I made with the help of the good people here at the RPF was winter songs blaster from doctor who. nerf gun some sticks and bondo.



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Nice gun, I have some experience with woodwork and have most of the tools needed for it. But I want to learn how to cast and mould. So maybe something that can be mostly MDF then I can make a mould of it later. I don't have much experience with painting, but it is also something that I want to learn.


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This may sound a little stupid and insulting but, this is the advise somoen gave me once. Start small somthing easy but impressive, I made a SS dagger, nothing special but was made out of MDF painted and then drypainted to give the illusion of wear and tare, since sold it so no pics sorry, but dry paintings a good technigue to have under your belt, as seen on the river Song blaster in post #4 also fantasy guns are good as you can go to any £1 store in the UK and buy a cheap blaster of some sort that you can modify, I also buy Aircraft & ship model kits as they havesome great bits and pieces to add to your basters, guns, and even daggers, knifes and swords, as well as anything else you can dream up from the movies, aferall if its good enough for the Death Star its good enough for me - lol

There are loads of tutorials on youtude and the guys in this forum are without a doubt great at helping out, just remember it does not have to a fullsize replica of the Death Star to start with try a Lightsaber, they good, I made one from some plumbing supplies my mate had in his garage, not a great model but then It was made by a Padawan (Me) looks good from a distance and holds up to the kids bashing it pretty well, so give it a go, whatever your thinking of making make sure you have all the matterials and tools ready as its not much fun trying to find a shop open on a sunday afternoon that sells Bondo or some sort of modeling clay.

Good luck and most of all have fun makeing whatever your going to make, afterall thats the reason we do it ....


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Thanks for the input, the tutorial is nice and clear, very helpful. I have school holidays coming up in about a month so I plan on making something then. I might put some pics up when I start to make what ever I am going to make. Thanks for the help.


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I would suggest something small and relatively fast to build. Maybe something you can finish over a full weekend. The nerf mods are always fun. They usually look great as they come, add some greeblies and some paint, weathering and you've got something cool and quiet easy to do. Blaster are always fun;)
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