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Hi there,

I would like to paint a piece of lime wood in acryl.
Thought Id use citadel colors because they come in small quantity and have a relatively good range.
Also they come in small sizes so they are cheaper, therefor I can buy more, experiment and I dont
need much color for that piece anyway (see below).

But I cant find a primer for wood on which these colors adhere to.
As I was told in stores and read online, its highly important what primer to use on what surface
and universal primer for cars and the likes apparently may not hold the citadel colors and can not be sanded.

The primers for such colors like the one from citadel or the army something also specifically are not for wood.

I also would like to use a spray primer because I dont have an air brush and brushing it on manually to a tiny detailed piece
of wood seems like id leave brush strokes.

Any idea what primer exactly I should purchase?
ebay, amazon all the sites explaining different primers and intel from stores is all quite confusing, overwhelming and contradicting.

my carving 13cm / 5" diameter result I want to acchieve, prime it, several layers of green and marble veins,
add dragon color in a gradiant somehow (different story)



I can't say I've done much painting on wood! My first instinct is say try out whatever you are planning on using on a test piece of lime wood, so you don't muck up your carving. I'm not even sure that you actually would need to prime a wooden sculpture, though it might help with absorption or color brightness.

My quick browse around the internet turned up this webpage about painting wooden carvings. Does that help you?

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