1. SeaMoon

    Any recommended primer paints for foam besides Plasti-Dip here in the Philippines / Asia?

    I'm looking for a good cheaper alternative to Plasti-Dip spray paint as its quite pricey here going around ₱1000 ($20). I know Bosny made a similar spray can called Elastic dip but I haven't found anyone who has used it on foam. I'm thinking of trying out acrylic gloss emulsion which Gelo...
  2. TheScratcher

    Primer/color problem for first timer

    Hi there, I would like to paint a piece of lime wood in acryl. Thought Id use citadel colors because they come in small quantity and have a relatively good range. Also they come in small sizes so they are cheaper, therefor I can buy more, experiment and I dont need much color for that piece...
  3. Palazques

    Double Dare Nose

    Hey y’all I’m building a replica nose from the 90s Nick game show “Double Dare”. My nose was constructed from expanded poly styrene foam, layered in plaster cheese cloth, and smoothed with Spackle. My question is what type of primmer should I use? There are a few spots that arnt totally...
  4. Aer0

    3D Print sanding/priming

    Hi, I'm new here but Ive had my 3d printer for a while and figured id finally get around to trying to make some props with it. To start, I'm going to make an Iron man helmet, such is the right of passage. Ive made a small test piece to practice finishing the raw prints, and was looking for some...