1. uscsscostaguana

    Question about Nostromo Upholstery paint colors

    Hey all! At my job, we are working on a project building a life-size replica of the corridors of the Nostromo from Alien (1979) and part of the Bridge. I’m seeking some assistance in identifying a Pantone or pms codes for colors that can be seen in the Nostromo bridge. Specifically, I’m looking...
  2. TheScratcher

    Primer/color problem for first timer

    Hi there, I would like to paint a piece of lime wood in acryl. Thought Id use citadel colors because they come in small quantity and have a relatively good range. Also they come in small sizes so they are cheaper, therefor I can buy more, experiment and I dont need much color for that piece...
  3. Butterzroxx

    Iron Man MK VII Color Scheme

    Good afternoon! I'm working on an Iron Man MK VII build. I'm trying to make everything as accurate as possible. Does anyone know where I can get the exact colors used? I can find them for other suits, but the MK VII has grey/silver on it and I can't seem to find that color.
  4. Alex Hayashi

    Help with painting.

    So my Latex gear has arrived but I'm unsure about color wise. I plan on airbrushing everything akin to the Scarface Predator/P1 as well as match the morphsuit from Zentai-Zentai. Got a few Vallejo browns and beige. Any suggestions would be appreciated.