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Too Much Garlic

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Just came across this and wanted to check with the more knowledgeable of you whether this is indeed the real P1 Predator spaceship prop?

I've been looking for reference of this piece for so long and if this is the real deal, then that would be cool.

Cheers and be well.

EDIT: checking with staff whether it's even okay to post upcoming auction pieces... and just realized this is from Heritage Auctions which has several threads here on the forum regarding fraudulent behaviour - passing off fanmade items as screen used - so beware when checking them out.
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Mr Mold Maker

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I am not able to say anything with certainty, but I loaded up the film and did my best to go frame by frame and look at the details. I can’t provide any side by sides because screen shots are blocked on my iPad, but to my eye there did look to be one possible difference. The trim piece on the bottom seemed a lot thinner, making the rear “window” piece larger. I’ve tried to draw what I see.

It’s entirely possible that I’m just seeing it wrong due to the quality of the footage, but I figured I’d throw it out there.


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Well if you're not sure of what it 'exactly' looked like, wouldn't this be close enough, even if its not the original. It looks good

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