Predator dreads help?


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Okay, I have been trying to make my own costume for a while now,I've got the resin bio mask and 2 paper models waiting for the resin so far (After a really frustrated trial with normal a4 paper (Good god I was so stupid) )
After watching tons and tons of videos on youtube of huntorials and everything else,There are very few costume heads with the dreads so smooth and with a nice movement, This video here has the exact effect I'm talking about (/watch?v=nrqSCn0sBPw) and I dont know if its foam or other material? and It's driving me nuts, I'm faaaar away from the head yet but those dreads have been bugging me for some time now e.e, can anyone tell me what kind of material it is to have this glorious dread swing?
Yee sorry for the english too >.> not my mother tongue, Thank you :3


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Hi there torke!

Dreads can be made from a whole lot of different things, from backer rods, yoga foam mats dipped in latex to expanding, flexible polyurethane foam. From the video link you posted, that looks like foam to me. Probably with a plastidip finish..

Some members here sell dreads, if you go to the marketplace or type in the search field 'dreads' or 'dreads for sale', you'll most likely find what you're looking for. If you want to make your own, here are some nice, handy links..

I myself and making my own dreads from scratch, and I use flexible expanding foam, smooth on flex foam it III if you can get it, otherwise, I use IV. Then will dip it in Black Latex.


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Soft poly foam (self skinning) with a specific density ranging from '2lb - 8lb' depending on which kind of dread you are trying to achieve. The cell structure in soft foam is different to back rod foam which is medium/hard and so on...

Dreads are smooth because the sculpt or the pole or what ever that the individual used to mold the first dread out of was really smooth. They would then cast several of these to replicate the same existing smoothness. And hey presto results.
Just remember polyfoam is very dangerous, be careful when you use it. Always use it outside or anywhere to prevent harmful chemicals being inhaled by you etc.

Isubomo you could just use polyfoam pigment... it will turn out black and save you the hassle and stench of having latex on a dread. ;) (If it's self skinning foam thenyou will get the desired result.


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