1. mrcarkeys42

    Question about thicker EVA foam

    Hey everyone! I’m doing a job this week replacing the flooring in a gym. The current flooring is Eva foam matting (the interlocking puzzle piece kind) and it was all going to be tossed so I figured I would take it, there is a ton here and figured it would cover my foam related needs for the...
  2. M

    Helmet material ideas

    Hi, i want to make a original helmet from a resistant material, that’s not of foamy, I have a couple of ideas of results I wanna reach, thanks for your help.
  3. qwista

    Captain Marvel material help

    Hello everyone, I'm want to make Captain Marvels outfit, the version she will wear in her new movie. But I have never made a costume like this, so I am wondering what material do you think it is? And do you think that there is armor parts on it? Do you think I need to put lights into it? and so...
  4. T

    Predator dreads help?

    Okay, I have been trying to make my own costume for a while now,I've got the resin bio mask and 2 paper models waiting for the resin so far (After a really frustrated trial with normal a4 paper (Good god I was so stupid) ) BUT! After watching tons and tons of videos on youtube of huntorials and...