HT Predator 2 redux.


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Hello again!

First of all a very kind gentleman has agreed to help with assembly. A shout out to Joshua Dawney and his skulls.

m sorry for how disjointed this is, I have tried with mixed success to splice two notebook texts together.

I have just got the City Hunter kit, the old form not the 2.0. I am a bit of a Predator 2 fanatic and prefer to old headsculpt by quite a long way. While he is in pieces there are some customisations I want to explore - the pieces to be altered can be far more cheaply and safely shipped than the entire kit. I have no accurate idea of cost - I shall set aside about five hundred pounds by the end of the month for the work laid out on the initial City Hunter alone.

I -- Mask and Plasmacaster

Many of you may be aware that a very talented gentleman using the Sideshow Freaks forum handle tylerdurdem made or still makes a much improved biomask and cannon for the new 2.0 Predator 2 City Hunter.

I happen to possess the older kit City Hunter which I regard as possessing a better headsculpt. It has a completely different set of mandibles so I very much doubt it would fit.

Also, there are several tubes that attach to the more accurate mask. I don't know how the armour has been retooled but I suspect they will need an orifice to go into. I think the 2.0. has a light feature and it might be made use of.

The improved cannon would perhaps fit directly onto the balljoint of the original arm but equally perhaps not.

Thus it seems I would need at least one altogether unique customisation or perhaps two -- an extra expense I would cheerfully recompense as the City Hunter is my great favourite but I do very much worry a customiser would be chary as there would be little commercial value in casts, although I would order a second cannon at once for Gort.

Does anyone have details for tylerdurdem? I tried a PM but this phone is highly peculiar and I have lost a few messages. It seemed sensible to go to the horse's mouth. He seems to have not been active for a little while.

The second possibility is another person. There was an upgrade directly for the older figure shown in a video by the great Les Walker (can he be traced?)

Unfortunately, especially at at least six years remove, Mr Walker did not know exactly who made the new mask.

I don't know of anyone else who has tried to improve the plasmacaster.

I tried messaging Dano too but my Facebook has crashed. Has he an email address?
Any other advice?

II - Wristblades.

It is pretty generally known that the wristblades on all the Hot Toys City Hunters, and on Gort, are extremely inaccurate. The retracted position should be the extended position, when retracted the blades should be invisible. This is obviously impossible with a sliding mechanism. The blades need to be cut off,the channels perhaps drilled out and either new blades of the right length and appearance made to slot in or the old blades modified to have tabs that would slot in for the "extended" appearance and could be removed for the retracted. Why Hot Toys did not adopt this from the start I do not know. I think that the 2.0
Elder has removable wristblades that illustrate the principle. To my fury they are too long again! I would commission this three times, once for each version of the City Hunter and again for Gort.

Any interest?

Lastly many sincere thanks,
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