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Hey hunters, I have a few questions about that cool flying disc from Pred2. First, does anyone here own a version that actually opens and lights up like in the movie? I saw one a while back on eBay, but for some strange reason it was LEFT-HANDED!?! Are the recasts that are sold on eBay solid or hollow inside? I know that some of them can be made to open and close by installing some small rods or dowels, but if they are hollow inside, I would imagine that it wouldn't be too difficult to install some of those small white 'chaser' LEDs to the underside and rig it so that they turn on when the disc is opened.
I have one of the discs. Ebay purchase as well. It is solid resin, right handed and very nice quality and details. I still have to finish it out, some small holes to fill and general clean-up. I'm going to assemble mine in the closed position and no lights. Unsure how it will be painted as I'm building a Pred 1 costume, but I do plan on carrying it. Good luck if you get one, their a nice addition to the Pred's arsenal.


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Tell ya what,
I have one of those off E bay. It was ok. But if ya study it a while. You'll see there are slots built in to the larger of the rings (ya know, one looks like a propeller and the other larger one) It's for set screws to be attached to the disk itself and snugged up to "ring" . And the heads of the screw slide up and down that slot. Which after you put rods in it. Allows it to open and close with out going to far. It has stops built in as well.

Well, back to the Ebay disc. Everything was fine about it but that all important peice. It had air holes all through it. Which I had to repair. I put that project on hold for the time being. But when it's finished. I'll post it. Opening and lights. Probably not as many as the movie. And the movie had fiber optics on one side, I believe. Mine will be all led
ive got one of the discs from ebay.the one o got was really nice,30 bucks i think it was.
i made mine open and stay open.i used 2 ,3 inch metal dowel pins. i also added lights.i had 2 small light strips that had 3 blinking leds on each one.these were from the front of some kids tennis shoe boxes.
the only problem i had was there is no where to put a battery.i ended up using a 9volt and wrapped it in black elec. sits in the bottom of the open cant see it unless you know what your looking for.
it looks so cool to have it hanging it off your waist with the lights blinking.
OKay Hunters, just curious but with ALL the variants out there in the market, which Disc best reflects movie accuracy???

Thanks for the heads up!

Stay safe.

Here is one of my latest projects, along with 1000 others, an MR prototype cutting disk it is the most accurate version i have ever seen . didn't cost me 30 bucks but i wish it had. not sure if i want to gut it for lights and such it's too perfeect and my skill level at this scale is not to hot.

Once i get a better digital i'll snap some close ups
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Hey Kit, is MR maing their disc a F/X version, or static, or offering it up as both? I wish someone could give a 411 on their plans so that we dont waste time trying to make them when MR will probably have axx to the original stuff and we will get that instead.
I was asked not to reveal any plans all i can say is Save your # for the new stuff comming out , hope fully i'll be able to offer it here on the lair ,
i'm trying to get my paperwork in order
Well I dont understand why they dont want us to know. We gotta know how much loot to save up!!! Jeez.. OT Drew, why dont my avatar show up big under my nick on the left like yours, it is a small lil thing to the right of my nick? Thx
I would imagine if you can get a Vader fx lightsaber with all the bells and whistles you most likey would be able to get a disk with running leds and sounds.............. NO???

Not sure why your advatar doesn't work, i see it next to your name really small.
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