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PR Grenade clean up - help needed

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by Psammead, May 12, 2015.

  1. Psammead

    Psammead Active Member

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    A few weeks ago I picked up a pulse rifle grenade from eBay and after receiving its provenance (Prop Store via a South England auction house) I decided to remove it from its frame. Unfortunately, while it was fixed in place using wire it had also been stuck to the back board and this has left some residue on the piece which I am too inexperienced to try to remove without seeking some advice first.

    So is there anything I can do to remove it that won't affect the rust/patina under the adhesive? Will alcohol work providing I am careful not to touch the painted areas? I am unsure if the adhesive is visible in the pictures but any help is, as always, much appreciated.


    PR Grenade.jpg
  2. ObiHahn

    ObiHahn Active Member

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    Any back story on this, especially the mentioned "provenance"? It looks nothing like the screen used grenades from ALIENS.
  3. Psammead

    Psammead Active Member

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    I know and I still need to.drop Prop Store a line regarding this in case someone is misusing their name. That said there are some examples of identical grenades sold as production made through Profiles in the mid-2000s (on my phone at the minute so I can't find the exact lot and auction) so it could be good. I figured at the price point it was worth a gamble and if it's a fake then it's a fake and it'll make an interesting paperweight if nothing else.
  4. Noeland

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    Rumor is these were made for Alien 3. The commandos have some grenades on their sleeves. But to my knowledge these particular style of grenade were never proven to be production made or used.

    alien 319200.jpg
  5. Contec

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    Never figured out until now that they have those facemasks on to stop facehuggers ...Mind blown.
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  6. Birdie

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    You could try heating it with a hair dryer to soften up whatever adhesive was used, then use your nail or a flat sharp edge to remove it.

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