Power Rangers Zeo Zeonizer

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Hey, guys... just wanted to share a few pics of a little mod I did for an old Power Rangers toy/prop.

Quick backstory-- I recently found out that Netflix has all the seasons of Power Rangers available for streaming, so I've been having a bit of a nostalgic view of some of the older episodes. It got me to thinking about some of my MMPR toys that I still have around. I never had a "real" Morpher; I only had a later version that didn't open up like the original. It had a magic-motion disc in the middle instead of the Power Coin. That was pretty much in terrible shape; most of it was falling apart, and there was serious battery leakage. But I did have both parts of my Zeonizer from when the show became Power Rangers Zeo. It was in relatively good shape, but the wrist straps were long gone. So I decided to make up some new ones. I was going to simply remake what the toy had-- something fairly simple, maybe black vinyl with velcro. But then I got to thinking that I could make something more substantial, so I thought of doing it out of leather. I took a cue from some of the wristwatch straps I have, and decided to do a two-layer design. I had some black leather that I was able to sew for the thinner strap, and then I cut down and used some leather belts for the thicker strap. I riveted one strap to the other (using both gold- and silver-tone rivets, seeing as how the Zeonizer had both gold and silver in it), and attached some snaps to act as the closures. I also repainted the black parts of the Zeonizer itself, and instead of the solid black that was on the original, I used a metallic black, just to spice it up a little (you can see the flakes in the last pic).

So there ya go... an upgraded Zeonizer. I know the straps are far from screen accurate, but I wasn't going for that. I was looking to make something a bit more beefy and substantial, and had some fun working with the leather in the process. Thanks for looking... and joining me for some of my Netflix-spawned nostalgia!





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I stream Netflix and grew up on Power Rangers so i did this same thing a month ago - and to me ZEO was the end of what was great about the TV Show ..Turbo killed any potential the movies had so im glad that ended there ... Regardless - Neat Mod and im glad to know im not the only one who appreciated ZEO
Hey, GL... I'm with you on this. I definitely liked Zeo-- but it often seems to get a bad rap for whatever reason. I've only seen a few of the post-Turbo eps, and wasn't really thrilled with any. But then again, maybe if I watched them in order and got to know the characters, I'd feel a bit different. I'm actually watching In Space right now. It's... okay. :)

Ben Carolan

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The Zeonizer... 1996... I'll Bet Those Were The Days. I Just Only Wish That I Was A Possessor Of The Zeonizer, Mainly As I Want Something From Nostalgia And Do A Bit Of Catching Up. I'm Into The Series, And I So Dream Of Being A Part Of It Myself In The World Of Role Play...

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