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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by franz bolo, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. franz bolo

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    I have been collecting Playmates TOS Phasers for my son and his cousins to play with.

    Some of the ones I bought have a triggger that doesn't work that great.

    I took it apart and fixed one of them.

    There is one of those buttons that is concaved and it pops in and out. It's not a regular switch.

    Does anyone have a clue how to fix it? It has a little rust on it. I want to rewire it with a regular switch or try to fix it.

    I'll post some pics in a few minutes.


  2. phase pistol

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  3. franz bolo

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    Thanks. I'll have to read that now.

    I took this photo showing a close up of the trigger pad.

    It seems that the little bubble trigger pad isn't touching the other 3 circular pieces of metal on the board.

    I numbered them 1-4.

    When I press in it sometimes works but I think you have to have all of them touching.

    I just figured out that only #3 and #4 have to be touched to make the sound.
    I wonder if I can hard wire these.

  4. Reaper57

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    yo dude.

    those are simple switches that are also cheap.

    1-2-3 are the same wire, any contact to 4 will activate the sound.

    your pic show deposits on the copper from solder flux.

    the tech way of fixing them is to clean the contact areas by rubbing then with a pencil or pen erasure until they shine then position the contact piece and securwe it in place with a piece of scotch tape.

    the erasure trick works on any contact area like those or end strips on card etc.


    john :cool
  5. franz bolo

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    Thanks. I got it to work by cleaned them off. It looked like rust, but it could be flux.

    Instead of tape I used a hot glue gun on the edges. The trigger is really sensative now..

    I'm going to try to upgrade one like the guy did in the link above.

    thanks for the help guys..


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    Franz, thanks so much for starting this thread. My Playmates TOS phaser has been doing the exact thing for me since I bought it about 10 years ago. Sometimes it works okay, others it'* and miss. It's good to know there are ways to fix this. My trigger has never worked properly, and you could never press it "square" down to fire. (Always at an angle). Perhaps my contact is not centered over board correctly?
    Reaper, thanks for the fix help. I will be taking mine apart as well and correcting this.



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