Pepakura Eva foam comission


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Hi everyone, I'm working on a saint 14 cosplay, I got some pepakura and a loooot of references and a 3d model extracted from the game.
I usually works with pep sexy for the pepakura files but he's not answering theses days and I really want to start, anyone with some experience on pepakura for foam that I can comission?

I'll ask for work examples beforehand, a guy I comissioned before did a poor job of it, my request would be of correcting these btw as this poor job was of saint 14 last year already.
I got access to a laser cutter and I need this plans to be exact, of even with the textures on them so I can cut every details with the cutter.
BTW if anyone need something cut on this thing, don't hesitate to contact me on Props it yourself


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