1. kinq

    DESTINY 2 Whisper of the Worm Prop Sniper Gun

    First time I've ever posted! But I've been scouring the internet and have yet to find a helpful source- I'm creating a 150cm (length) replica of the Whisper of the Worm gun from Destiny 2 for a half going-away and half birthday present for my boyfriend. As I said, it is massive, the largest...
  2. namivanmar

    Ghost shell from Destiny with electronics

    Here are some pictures of a 3D printed Ghost shell I've built as a present for someone. It has a Raspberry Pi Zero inside with a mini display and speaker from adafruit. It took some time to make it play a sound after boot and handle the display since I had 0 experience with Raspberry and...
  3. Tomperys

    Metal SGU Destiny (1st run)

    Hi, I would like to make a run for metal series models from stargate. The first to go (there will be a series of 5 models at least) is Destiny from Stargate Universe. The material would be 60% steel and 40% bronze with bronze finish I will do max 30 ships in the first run. The price will be...
  4. propsityourself

    Pepakura Eva foam comission

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a saint 14 cosplay, I got some pepakura and a loooot of references and a 3d model extracted from the game. I usually works with pep sexy for the pepakura files but he's not answering theses days and I really want to start, anyone with some experience on pepakura for...
  5. garrettpounds

    Looking for help with motorized/moveable parts in a prop gun from Destiny!

    Hello all. I’ve had the idea to make the Devil’s Ruin sidearm from Destiny 2 ever since I first saw it. I also just recently bought my first 3d printer, and I want to make the DR as a 3d printed prop! However, I also want it to function like it does in the game. The primary fire is just like a...
  6. Matthew2131

    Destiny warlock cosplay, I need some help.

    ok, so I am currently buying the pieces for a destiny warlock cosplay and I need some help, what did any of you guys use for pants? I cant find anyone online who is selling them, nor can I find any pants for the cosplay that would fit, does anyone know where I could by anything like this? I'm...
  7. thepoynt

    Limited Run Thorn Handcannon from Destiny

    Note: extremely limited run of these. Probably only going to do 2-3. First come, first serve. Selling finished resin casts of the Thorn exotic hand cannon from Destiny, from a master made by me. 17.5" long, probably about 3lbs, Dark metallic finish, rotating cylinder, and real leather-wrapped...
  8. thepoynt

    Tips for making mold of complex prop

    Hello all! Thinking about making my first two-part mold (only past experience is with simple one-parters) and I'm looking for tips and advice from the hive mind for this particular prop. It's a model based on some gorgeous concept art of the Thorn handcannon from Destiny: I'd like to do a...
  9. Killrapture

    Trying to Piece Together a Hunter Gunslinger From Destiny 2

    Hello, i'm currently trying to piece together a Gunslinger armor set but I'm having some trouble finding certain pieces, specifically the boots and pants. I would rather not have to sew pants together but it seems that is my only real option at this point. Here are the reference images I'm using...
  10. S

    Destiny 2 Better Devils (Also Help?

    Hail and Well Met, my dudes. Been a bit, but I recently started a project for fun, and an excuse to boot up the 3D printer again. I've been working on finishing the print of Better Devils, the Destiny 2 Kinetic Hand Cannon. Because I know my machine well, I actually scrubbed some details off and...
  11. Cyan Junkie

    Destiny Jade Rabbit Exotic Scout Rifle (foam)

    Hey all! A few months ago I built a full scale replica of the Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle from Destiny. I went with the paintjob from Destiny 1 because I just thought it looked better. I used the templates from the Foamsmith Vo.2 ebook published by Punished Props. I added a few small modifications...
  12. P

    Recommendations for finely detailed replica. Suggestions? (Destiny 2)

    Hiya folks, I'm looking to make a replica from Destiny 2, called "Malfeasance". The issue here is the very ornate and finely detailed sides of the weapon. The plan will probably be to 3D print the weapon and add the side detail afterwards to reduce some sanding. As for the detail, i was hoping...
  13. namivanmar

    Sunshot hand cannon from Destiny 2

    I started working on my Sunshot model months ago and got to a stage I could write about it a bit. I used the game's low poly model and added details. I wanted to make my life much harder so I added a basic trigger action, cylinder hinge and separated all the different colored parts for a more...
  14. BoomCo

    any idea how to keep pieces together??

    the neodymium magnets are too weak... any advice? im looking some alternatives..
  15. BoomCo

    i need some help - advice about this destiny armor

    Hey hello, I need some serious help here.. Okay maybe someone can help me even teach me how to sew cuz I'm starting with all this about cosplay (I'm a prop maker) and I want to make this really nice. (even I'm thinking about to buy the sew machine) If any near to Dallas? I'll be pleased...
  16. BoomCo

    Any primer (also help) suggestion ?

    Hello hello this is my first post (ill post more don't worry) and well.. here we go... Im starting in this world of replicas and props, but i feel like im not using the right materials (primer in this case) The filler primer was my first option, the bad thing is it dries too...
  17. Patattack

    Destiny 2: Wise Warlock (AKA Ego Talon IV) cosplay build thread!

    After getting DEEP into Destiny 2 over the past couple of months I've decided that this year's Halloween costume will be the "Wise Warlock" outfit, AKA the Ego Talon IV armor set, AKA the default Warlock that's featured in all the promo materials. Bungie even made an amazing full-size replica...
  18. G

    Destiny 2 Doom Fang Pauldrons. PDF Files?

    hey all. this will be my first time making a full cosplay, and i want to go all out. so I'm hoping someone is lucky enough to have the Doom Fang Pauldrons PDF files and is willing to share them, or at the very least can point me in the direction of where to find them :) hope youre having a great day
  19. jsummit

    Destiny Themed Nerf Blaster Mods

    Here are some of mine and my son's Destiny themed Nerf blaster mods! We painted them using a base layer of automotive primer. Next we masked and spray painted the colors and stenciling. We then added the weathering with acrylics and the wipe-down method and sealed it with a matte clear topcoat...
  20. jsummit

    Destiny themed nerf blaster mods

    Here are some of mine and my son's Destiny themed Nerf blaster mods and a Fortnite themed Nerf gun mod! We painted them using a base layer of automotive primer. Next we masked and spray painted the colors and stenciling. We then added the weathering with acrylics and the wipe-down method and...
  21. Andeo

    Destiny assault rifle finished

    Hi everyone, Im newbie crafter from Montenegro, so I want to show u my styrofoam build. Thanks Andrew DFT for tutorial and plans, so I add some details and R.i.s rails. What do u think? so now Im making Terminus armor (eva foam), can show u process...
  22. pazscall

    Destiny 2 - Hunter, Warlock and Titan [ON HOLD]

    Hi all, Welcome to my Destiny 2 build WIP. I'm going to be making a Warlock, Hunter and Titan costume for my kids. The goal is going to be to finish by end of April, in time for the Calgary Comic Expo. I started the build back in November, taking the time now over the Christmas Holidays to...
  23. Sorenzo

    Rat King Exotic Sidearm- Destiny 2 - Prop Replica Build Thread

    It's been a long while since I did a build thread here, so I thought i might share our latest commission with you all. We were approached in October to make the Rat King Exotic Sidearm from Destiny 2. I have loved the look of this gun since I first saw it before the game was released, so I...
  24. xdarkx

    Destiny Ace of spades

    A buddy of mine contact me to design the destiny hand cannon Ace of spades, I liked the look of the weapon and I started modeling it on fusion 360. took me a while to get everything as close as possible but after a few hours I made it happen. Quick rendering of the hand cannon, loving the...
  25. Q

    Destiny 2 Armor Files- Need help!

    Hi all! I'm looking to recreate my first set of Titan armor from Destiny 2. I think the armor shown below lends itself perfectly to a foam build with the angled lines and clean cut lines- The problem is since it's a fairly new game there isnt any Pepakura or STL files circulating the web. My 3D...