Pandorica For First Custom Model


So after lurking on this forum a bit, I've decided to try my hand at actually DOING a project... my first, actually. So obviously the first question was: What to make? Being a Doctor Who fan, I settled on the Pandorica - I mean, it's a cube. I can do a cube - I hope. :)

But I figured that a Pandorica would be a great first project because it will only be as complicated as I want to make it. So here's the plan: I want to make a Pandorica with simple lighting. Something that can sit on a table, kinda like a night light. Foam core seems like the more obvious choice of materials, but I turn that question over to you, the considerable talent of this forum.

First step is, as always, reference materials. I've put together some pretty good reference (and made it available online for any other RPF members who want to make something REALLY impressive at: ). But aside from the Pandorica toy pic, I can't find any reference for the top of the box. Does anyone know if the top of the toy is accurate?

Thanks, and any materials suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated!

Oh yea, additionally, after telling my wife about this project, she requested a light up Pewter keychain Pandorica as well (the hazards of a sci fi fanatic wife). Anyone know where I might be able to find the electronic components small enough to fit inside something that small? I'm thinking a small watch battery and a single LED? Thoughts?

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Got started on the locking symbols on the outside of the Box. I'm doing it in Illustrator so that I can scale it to any size if needs be in the future. Since I'm a 3D guy, I whipped up a quick pre-viz to see if what I got in my head doesn't suck once I actually see it. I just used the locking symbols as I have them now, so you'll notice that they aren't to scale with the the rest of the pandorica.


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