Outside Aperture (Live Action Portal Short)


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That was pretty good. My only problem I had with it is that the actress who is playing Chell isn't mixed race. Chell's real life reference model is Alésia Glidewell, who happens to be part Brazilian-American, part Japanese. In the first game, Chell has that same multiracial descent appearance (even less so in Portal 2). Here's actually a picture of Ms. Glidewell in an orange jump suit that Valve used as a placeholder. And here's Chell from the first game.

But other than that, overall, they did a great job on it. Honestly, the salt incident has occurred before with my family. My sister baked a cake, unaware that she used salt instead of sugar.


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(n)thumbsdown(n)thumbsdown BOOOO

Give me a break, Chuck! Continuity is important, you know. If you did a Left 4 Dead fan film, you wouldn't have Zoey played by a 40 year old fat guy would you? No. You'd try your dang best to find someone who looks close enough to Zoey to cast them. Besides, don't blame me for the character design for both games, blame Valve. If the girl they got to play Chell in the vid had a bit of a tan it probably would have resolved this issue. I can't tell you the countless arguments over at the Steam forums for Portal 2 about the GLaDOS' appearance between Portal and Portal 2 and how they look nothing alike and without an explanation of the appearance change. Believe, someone would point out this problem somewhere.

Besides, I DID say it was great. I have no problem with the performance, the overall look and story.
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Well, ive never really played the Portal games and all I know about it is you make portals to drop stuff through like a puzzle. With that being said, I liked the video, I might not have understood why she was doing what she was doing but the F/X and the gun looked awesome. I enjoyed it.

My only criticism would be when you showed the computer monitor you didnt add the images in post. It bugs me a bit even when tv shows (although most dont do it anymore) do it, since a monitor refresh rate is different than what the camera can pickup you get that flickering effect. If you did it on purpose well then it worked lol. Also kudos for using a Beta VCR.
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