Rebel Blockade Runner


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hello guys! Anyone working on a blockade runner? I am looking for some info on the size of pipe they used. i have a couple of pics where the studio model is just clear pipe joined together. I am hopeing to make one around 4 feet long. As far as scale goes i got a set of drawings off of starship modler they seem to be pritty good. oh one thing that comes to mind, dose anyone have pics of the bottom of the ship? It would be nice to see the underside of it. if anyone has any advice or input please fire away! Thanks! oh one last thing i supose no one would happen to know what kits were bashed on the ship eh? I can't wait to start building mine!


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The tubing looks like some standard PVC, but I could be wrong. I believe the "Grills" on the inside of each come from an old slide carousel. There are ridges around each of the thrusters, quite possibly from a large scale tank model. Each of the thrusters go into a box type deal, and on top of those are motorcycle kits(you can even see the two wheels on each)...try 1/12 scale for that. Looks like there are a few tanks on there also. Don't take my word on it, but the hammerhead looks like two Airfix 1/144 Saturn V cones, a la the escape pod, but they could also be two really big buckets.


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Thanks tservo4!
I'm happy to heer any ideas or sudgestions! I'll have to see if i can find a saturn v rocket to see if it works for the hammer head. AS soon as i have a chance i'll pick one up. I wasn't sure how they made that part. Where were you were talking about the thurusters, i'm trying to pictuer where they are. Were you talking about at the back of the ship on the engines? where they got those two small wheel things beside eachother? i noticed they have the same thing at the front gun turet on the top of the ship, closest to the front.
there is the same thing theirjust infront of the gun. Is that the thing you were meaning? I just want to make sure i am on the same page as you. So i'm not way out in left field.


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Yeah, on the engines, but if those same parts are on the turrets, they're probably from the same model. The two wheel things are definately from a motorcycle model.

Don't take my word on the Saturn V, but I think that's the closest looking thing to it since it's the same shape and size as the escape pod. However, it does look like that the turrets use Saturn V parts.

I think that if it's not the Saturn V, then it might be some super-bucket of some sort. It even still has those rims around the edges.

A lot of the base is styrene and balsa. Also, I belive that the tubing stuff is acrylic tubing (ie the thrusters, undersides, etc).


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The bulk of the Rebel Blockade Runner is constructed from Cast Acrylic tubing to my knowledge cut to size,some parts machined/turned on a lathe.I dont know of many other things that went into it,aside from the Saturn V parts that stick out.The Cinefex issue(I think its #65) goes into a great deal of it&there are plenty of photos.I dont remember if the engines were constructed from the same material,or if they did use PVC or something else for heat resistence like on the Star Destroyer.The Star Destroyer engines were scratch built&cast from a high heat resistent metal filled Epoxy to withstand the heat from the Halogen&stage Lights.Thats about all that come to mind.


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I started one but not in studio scale.


I had excellent drawings of it but lost them in a computer crash. They had green backgrounds. Anyone know the site?


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terryr wrote:
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You mean mine?
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Yup! Love to see/hear more about it!

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If you look at the side of the engines you'll see a 1/35 panther tank rear engine deck - the same one used so many times on the Falcon. That part you can find for sure and should be able to get a pretty good scaling to the rest of the ship since it shows up on all of the "profile pics" of the ship.

The part I'm talking about is clearly seen on pic 55 on the previously posted pictures (link 6 of 8 )

As you can see its a fairly large section of the engines and should be a good scaling point to determine the total length of the actual studio model.
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ILM loved that part. It's on several ships from SW.
Is tarted mine when photos were scarce and the Internet was for the military.
It looks good from this angle, but I realized the front of the engines has a big boo boo. Beacause the photo I used was at an angle, I guessed wrong and the squarish section is about 50 percent too short. Of course that is the most detailed piece. So I need to do that all over again.
I have shown this now and then and people always ask me to build them one, or make a copy. I won't, but someone should get a license. It would sell.


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Whats the front/cockpit made that carved/scupted urethane foam?Looks like it's got stuck-O on it...can't tell...but looks like it's off to a good start.


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Hi guys,

Terryr, u still around? Nice work! Was hoping someone would use those drawings for a model. They're from Bob Brown's now-closed website and were drawn by Mike Marincic, based on my old pen-and-ink drawings. You might not find them anywhere else so I'll post them for you.

BTW there seems to have been some confusion over the hammerhead. It's way too big to be made from 1/144 Saturn parts. Trust me, the escape pod body is *also* too big to be 1/144 Saturn parts - the kit rocket parts used on that are the first-stage engines and the Lunar Module shrouds (for the pod's engines). There are upper-stage Saturn engines on the BR guns though, for the nozzles. I think the hammerhead is probably the same paint buckets used for the body of the escape pod.








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