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Apple Trailers just posted a featurette on the full scale Bubbleship they built for the film "Oblivion". Somehow I just know there has to be someone here wanting to build a model of this ship or some model company putting out a scaled kit or built model of it....most likely from Sideshow collectibles. Its just too cool not to. Anyone here plan on building one? Check out the featurette:

Oblivion - Movie Trailers - iTunes
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Here are a handful of HD stills from the featurette for anyone who's interested.
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And a few more. A couple of them have some clear shots of the front of the motorcycle in the background, which I think looks pretty cool too.


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Great thread, thanks for sharing those pictures!

It looks like a cool vehicle, though somehow "Apple"-ish to me. Why not? The iCraft.



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LOL. You just doused my fire. The design was beginning to grow on me.

SORRY!!! I did not mean to, please, go on with the build!
I like the design of that craft, I should have made that clear. It is something different from the usual military-style look.

Yes, the curves... They call for a 3D printer, I suppose. Or lots of sanding.

One point about the design, though...

If it has two main engines, what does it need a tail rotor for? I do not see how it needs to be stabilized.
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I posted my comment on FB: Simon seems to have "stolen" it from Captain Future or he is a Future Fan


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I saw Oblivion the other day and for the first time in a long time I feel compelled to build something relating to a movie. (The last thing I built was a GeeBee Z from the Rocketeer... before that, ED209 from Robocop, yea, looong ago :) )

The Bubble ship is just do darn cool! I think I am going to start with a full CAD model first and then 3D print and mill the parts.

I was also thinking about going to the shops and scrounging for ball shaped things. I was thinking a good start would be a clear camera dome from a CCTV security cam housing. It would save a lot of moulding and polishing!
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