Obi Wan MR EE correct?

I got mine the other day.
It is very nice and heavy, feels real.
Some differences I noticed with it that wasn't on another replica a friend has.
He has a Larbel and a MR AOTC.
The grooves in the black inner emitter are much deeper than the Larbel.
The MR AOTC has shallow grooves too.
The silver pommel parts are trapezoidal.

Not dogging it, it is the cornerstone of my meager collection.

Darth Lars

Master Member
From my studies of the reference pics of this saber:
The grooves in the emitter should be quite deep. The diameter of a groove should be a little bit less than the neck even.
The pommel "cubes" should be tapered/trapezoidal, but not as much as on the AOTC saber. I came to this conclusion by comparing my home-built replica with reference pics. Darth Hez also claimed they should be trapezoidal, citing some secret source of his.

btw. I can not say I am not jealous of you. ;)