Ninth Gate Balkan Lecture Lobby Card


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It is a "Club Dumas" story with the cover of the "Ninth gate", nothing really exciting.
How I feel too. Subterranean press released 26 of them, but like 500 normal signed ones. Hardly think the leather covered 1 of 26 is worth the 1,250 euro.


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On the OG topic. I'm still searching for this image. At present, the avenue I'm searching is that it is a scene depicting the angel of god / angel of death, visiting King David, after bringing the plague / pestilence in Israel. So I'm trying to search for old bible art.


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Something that might be of interest to people following the thread. Been wanting to track down a copy of this for a few years now. Never got the email notification from Ebay that another had popped up for sale. Just seeing it sold about 10 days ago.

Kind of shocked by the price it sold for of €1250 though. Think the last one sold online for 300 on some German book site a couple of years ago, but the leather was a bit more brownish.

If it was someone here, congrats though! Magnificent looking copy of the Club Dumas book.

Attaching pics for a record, for when the ebay listing gets removed.

I could probably make something like that, minus the autograph of course. ;) I've made several variants of the Nine Gates in addition to the screen versions, including a version with Dante's Inferno, one with The Satanic Bible and another with The Necronomicon. A Club Dumas version wouldn't be all that difficult.

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