Puivert Castle - A.I. enhanced screencaps taken from The Ninth Gate


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A.I.-enhanced screencaps taken from the movie "The Ninth Gate" of the
beautiful old castle where the apotheosis of Dean Corso takes place.



  • Corso walks up to the Castle2.jpg
    Corso walks up to the Castle2.jpg
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  • Castle.png
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  • Chateau de puivert.png
    Chateau de puivert.png
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  • Puivert Castle - 22.png
    Puivert Castle - 22.png
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  • Puivert Castle - Beauty.png
    Puivert Castle - Beauty.png
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  • The End (4).png
    The End (4).png
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  • The End (5).png
    The End (5).png
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  • The END.png
    The END.png
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I do like the word apotheosis. First time I've heard the idea that this is what occurs at the end of the movie. Was he heading for divinity? I've ended up down a deep rabbit hole this morning!

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