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Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by deconx, May 3, 2010.

  1. deconx

    deconx New Member

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    Hello guys.
    Im new here so be gentle.
    Here' a few pics of some of the screen used props in my collection

    Harry potter Chamber of secrets prop Guilderoy lockhart book


    StarGate SG1 season 9 carved box & parchment of virtue

    StarGate SG1 Sodan warrior staff weapon

    Close Encounters alien costume (child size)

    Battlestar Galactica Vest top

    My hope is to get an original Harry Potter wand and a Star Wars prop of some kind someday.
  2. Spooky1

    Spooky1 New Member

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    Hi Deconx! I'm new here too but not to collecting. You have some really great pieces! I love the HP book and a screen used Close Encounters alien suit?? Very impressive! I look forward to seeing any new acquisitions.
    Best, Chris
  3. Psammead

    Psammead Active Member

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    Hello deconx. I am also new here and love that open-headed Sodan staff. Like Spooky I look forward to seeing anything that you may come by in future.
  4. propologist

    propologist Sr Member

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    love the Close encounters costume..something you don't see much
  5. stricky1

    stricky1 Active Member

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    Nice collection there :)
    May I ask you where you acquired the Sodan Staff Weapon?
  6. deconx

    deconx New Member

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    Hi, I bought the staff weapon, parchment of virtue and ancient carved box from someone that won the items in a Kerrang radio competition to coincide with the release of the Arc of Truth dvd uk release in march 2008.
    The detail that goes into these tv props is amazing, the staff is so detailed up close and the leather strap looks like it was made specificaly for the staff. The carving on the box must have been done with a machine as the "ancient" language is so crisp (I havent translated the writing on the box yet) The parchment is made from what looks like hand made paper and also included two extra wooden pomels for the end of the support poles.
  7. philip7

    philip7 Active Member

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    were those hard to find ?
  8. kwalsh0000

    kwalsh0000 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    A collection to be proud of, and im eyeing up your stargate props something fierce. They are very nice, the parchment looks amazing quality. Also.. i must apologise..i was bidding against you on that sodan staff a while back on ebay (if that was you:p). Great collection all around man
  9. Bra'zat

    Bra'zat Active Member

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    They're Sodan staff on PropStore website too kwalsh..... :)
  10. davey77

    davey77 Member

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    just saw this having a browse...

    im from nottingham too. i wonder if we know each other...
  11. handler

    handler Well-Known Member

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    Just saw this thread, too. Those are great props. I especially like the Close Encounters of the Third Kind piece.
  12. LorduDesign

    LorduDesign Sr Member

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    Hello, do you still have the prop book?

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