close encounters of the third kind

  1. Mike J.

    Colin Cantwell in Clearwater, FL, March 16, 2019

    STAR WARS' COLIN CANTWELL PRESENTATION & SIGNING, WITH THE 501ST! | EC! Not exactly a convention per se, but I think this is worth noting. Star Wars Ship Creator and Modeler, Colin Cantwell, for Star Wars Looks like he'll be making a tour of the FL-GA area in March, so check his website for...
  2. D

    Miniature History - Close Encounters, Titanic, Normandy, Hiroshima - short film

    Hi I would like to share with you my latest short film which combines miniature shots in timelapse/stopmotion and simple CGI. It was shoot in 4K resolution. You can find in it "places" like Omaha Beach, Hiroshima, sinking of Titanic and others. More info on the vimeo Miniature history -...
  3. L

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind Color Organ

    Hi RPF, I just finished my latest project and wanted to share it with you. It's a reenactment of the color organ sequence from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Both parts were performed on one 10x10 RGB LED panel using a recorded MIDI file of the musical notes to trigger the lights...
  4. blipper

    Carlo Rambaldi - Dune + Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    I came across a few pictures recently taken at an exhibiton featuring Carlo Rambaldi and thought others who hadn't seen them may be interested. I would love to have visited myself, the man has done much for science fiction cinema and reference shots of his work seem very spare, unfortunately...
  5. D

    Newbies collection

    Hello guys. Im new here so be gentle. Here' a few pics of some of the screen used props in my collection Harry potter Chamber of secrets prop Guilderoy lockhart book StarGate SG1 season 9 carved box & parchment of virtue StarGate SG1 Sodan warrior staff weapon Close Encounters...