stargate sg-1

  1. S

    Stargate Atlantis Door Controller

    Been working on this for the past month whilst stuck in lock down. Only got to recast one crystal and polish up the resin once I find a fine sandpaper.... all comments and thoughts welcome.
  2. S

    Stargate Atlantis

    Hey everyone. I’m looking for any files folders anything at all todo withStargate Atlantis,,, mostly the ancient designs but anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Victor Davion

    Anyone Have The Stargate Atlantis Tablet Simulation Files?

    So I decided that I wanted to put together a replica of the tablets seen throughout Stargate Atlantis. I've got a tablet and correct case coming in and am now looking for the production used simulation files. A few dead links around, and I know there was someone selling them on eBay some time...
  4. cyberpred

    Stargate Collectables Check out this group and invite your Stargate friends.
  5. dorningt

    Stargate SG-1 cosplay build

    As a comic con cosplay i wanted to get a good stargate sg1 outfit. I wanted a simple one not a full tactical setup. I did some looking into it and decided with going as a general stargete command guard with only a zat gun on holster. For referance besides the series I mainy used a auction...
  6. A

    Stargate props

    Howdy everyone! So I've decided to put my skills to the test and to make a series of ZPM's with various functions! (some will be hilariously awesome) Heres my MK1 ZPM made from orange PLA in a 3d printer! 1:1 Scale replica built in 3 parts. Parts 1&2 are now perfectly glued together This...
  7. Z

    My First Finished 3d Print

    Hi guys, thought I would post my first finished 3d printed prop. Living in Australia makes it very hard to get certain prop replicas, one being replica firearms. Needing one to finish off my SG1 Cosplay, I printed a P90. I printed it over 20 odd different pieces, and than did lots of sanding and...
  8. Cjfedler

    Spinning Stargate Replica?

    So i have once again been pulled into the world of Stargate. Except this time I have a job. So one thing that would be really, Really cool would be a Replica of the Stargate from SG-1 with an inner ring that Actually spins. Does anyone know if something like that actually exists? Or am I going...
  9. Fly4v

    P90 sights for a Nerf Rayven

    After watching a few too many episodes of Stargate, decided to modify a Nerf Rayven Elite to have a similar rail and sight as the P90 PDW. Here are the templates that I used for the dot sight and the side rails. The dot sight will have maglight replacement lenses when finished...
  10. Tom Sheldon

    Stargate Atlantis Tablets

    Hey, Since most existing SGA threads are pretty old I figured I would make a new thread to ask about the tablets used on Atlantis. I found an older topic dealing with it saying that all tablets, especially that of McKay are Motion Computing M1400s. However, I also read somewhere else that they...
  11. stefanchik

    Atlantean Control Chaair From Sg1 and SGA

    Hi Folks So here she is, Delivered today, and weighing about 200 Kilo's I can truthfully tell you that no picture on the internet does this baby justice, And only when you see her with your own eyes do you really see the astonishing detail that went into designing and then making her She is...
  12. Fly4v

    Multicam Stargate G-8 WEP

    I have watched too many re-runs of Stargate on the Space Channel and now have the WEP bug. Really don't want the original Vietnam era shiny Nylon look. I am thinking making one either as a BDU conversion or from scratch with approx. 4.5 yards of MILSPEC Gamma 400. Either way the finished jacket...
  13. C

    Stargate Jaffa Ma'Tok Staff mechanism 3d CAD WIP

    Just a teaser of what I've been working on. I've got all the parts modeled. Downside is I can't seem to get a hang of 'joints' in Fusion 360 and get the parts assembled to test fit for clearances/interference. Going to take a lot of playing around I think or just biting the bullet and going...
  14. C

    Interest Reproduction Stargate File Folders

    Been working on these for awhile. Finally have the graphics where I'm happy with them so looking to judge interest for a run of folders and/or possibly just sell the graphics set for 'personal/non-resale' use if you have your own large format printer & can print on file folders. With the help...
  15. SciFiPropFreak

    Jaffa Staff Weapon - Completed Build

    Hello there! I'd like to share some pics and info about this commission I did for a friend of mine early this year: The Ma'Tok staff, or Goa'uld Staff Weapon from the SG-1 series.:D I'm a huge Stargate fan myself, so I couldn't really say no to this...:rolleyes Planning and scaling: My...
  16. andy19422

    Stargate Brazier

    I've just finished my mini Goa'uld Brazier that's made to suit Tea lights. I made it from 3mm plastic sheet and one of the kids bath toys. I am very happy with the way it turned out and may mold it, I am now working on the square type of Brazier ;)
  17. tastgr

    Stargate Goa'uld Brazier Dimensions fyi!

    Hey everyone! I finally got around to measuring my Goa'uld brazier to make a copy of the one I have, and thought I'd share the dimensions here in case anyone wants to build their own. Unfortunately the top piece was stolen a few years ago (no doubt by some dirty metal-recyclers trying to make...
  18. stefanchik

    Stargate SG1 -- Asgard Prop Identification - Help Needed

    Hi Peeps I bought 15 of these from VIP as a job lot for quite a hefty price :devil They were listed as "Asgard Light Sconces" but the pic uploaded to the auction did not definitively show the props, Size wise, they are 11 cm long including the base, so it seems not big enough to be a sconce...
  19. tastgr

    Scratch-build Puddlejumper (Stargate)

    Hey everyone! While I've been a member here since 2011, I've rarely frequented the boards as time and my memory both failed me! In any case, I have started on a Puddlejumper from SG1/SGA. This will be my first scratch build of a ship, and my 2nd scratch build of anything. Before length trim...
  20. RabbleRouser

    Jaffa Staff Resin Kit Help

    A few years ago I began working on my Jaffa Serpent guard armor. it has been a slow process as work and family leaves me little time to sneak away and spend time on my.....obsessions. I am to the point where I am comfortable with the project enough that I am ready to trial run it at a convention...
  21. stefanchik

    First "' Staff Weapon "" Cast From The Studio Mold

    Hi Folks Here is the link to pics of the first Stargate SG1 Jaffa Staff Weapon from the studio mold Have to say that she looks AMAZING !!! Enjoy these 25 or so pics Steffy
  22. J

    Atlantis Stargate made by the USS Joshua

    This Stargate was a combined effort by the USS Joshua a sci fi club based in the DFW area. There was a core group of four people who designed and created it but our entire club helped including me. It took over a year to build from start to finish. The constellations light up and it plays the...
  23. A

    Potential Screen accurate Stargate 3d printed model.

    OK so I have been searching around for a really accurate model of the stargate and have only found one that was really accurate, the one from legends. Which was a limited and expensive piece, so I decided to try to make one that would be equally (maybe even more) accurate but not limited and...
  24. M

    I want to make a zat prop from stargate sg1

    I want to make a zat prop from SG1. this prop is to be for fanexpo in Toronto in august 2014. I have zero experience with casting or molding. I don't know where to start to build this. My background is toolmaking. If anyone here has built a zat I would appreciate your input. In fact even if you...
  25. ronime

    Stargate SG-1 Jaffa Light Staff restorations.

    Hello RPFers! Our newest project (don't worry, we are still actively making the E-11s) is the restoration and replication of several screen used props from various Stargate series supplied by our friend stefanchik. This particular piece I am giving a single thread to just due to the extnsive...