battlestar galactica

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  1. KillerofSaints

    EFX Battlestar Viper Helmet

    EFX Battlestar Viper helmet one of 500 made Artist Proof NO SIGNATURE PLAQUE came with this AP unfortunately. Lights work as new Complete with original packaging, stand, plaque stand and COA
  2. AnthonyD2199

    Battlestar Galactica (1978) Colonial Warrior Uniform

    I was wondering is there anyone currently producing replica Colonial Warrior Uniforms from the original Battlestar Galactica, I’ve seen a website in the past that offered replica uniforms but I just searched for it and it seems to be gone. Failing that is there any information on how I could...
  3. Mpashuk

    Battlestar Galactica resin copies of the El calculator £15 uk £18 worldwide

    Basically I couldn’t find 2 EL-5804 so I made a silicone mould and made a copy. If anyone is interested no run needed I can pour a pair when needed. Pair of resin calcs is £15 uk shipped or £18 elsewhere. Simply posted in a padded envelope with a peice of card! Tracking etc can be done upon...
  4. Andy3E

    Battlestar Galactica Clamshell Blaster

    Selling a Matsuo Clamshell Blaster, resin prop replica, no moving parts, painted by myself Asking £100 shipped in the UK
  5. Chicagovader

    Battlestar Galactica 1978 Cylon Centurion Costume

    First full suit up in my Cylon costume, still some things to adjust and some upgrades coming like the metal skirt material, it's very slowly making its way here from China, but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with it. Most of the suit is from Kropserkel with the exception of the backpack and...
  6. sandbagger

    Builds By Baz - 3 Foot Colonial Viper Mk II

    3 Foot Colonial Viper Mk II THE TIME HAS COME. The full scale Viper is in storage and on pause while I renovate part of my house and build a bigger shed/workshop. I've been putting this off for a long time because of some fears. 1. I might lose much motivation because it will be very...
  7. TXTrooper

    Galactic Swag Expo 2019 July 27th & 28th

    I wanted to let everyone know that our 2nd Galactic Swag Expo will be on July 27th & 28th. This year we are teaming up with the Esports Stadium in Arlington, TX. Our first show last year went pretty well except for the flooding on Saturday but we still had a nice turn out. Along with even more...
  8. Jmvgreek1

    My 3d printed BSG Helmet

    Here is pictures of my 3d printed helmet by andrew Pattenden.
  9. Corellianexports

    Classic BSG Cylon Helmet Build

    This one has been a long, long time coming. The helmet was pulled from a "stunt" version in black fiberglass. That was probably around 2002. Last summer I cleaned it up a bit by removing the "flash" and washing it.
  10. J

    BSG Raptor with lighting 1/32

    Hey guys, I’m in the middle of putting together the Moebius 1/32 Raptor and frankly it has been a bit of a pig so far. I thought it might help someone out to see what I’ve done so anyone thinking of doing the same kit can learn from my mistakes. So here was the plan: 1. Photo etch - I’m...
  11. Jmvgreek1

    pictures oc a miniature BSG tos Cylon Basestar

    I Got a couple of minature Cylon Basestars and one came apart at the middle so here is a few pictures of the Cylon Basestar. The Basestar is from the Original Series Battlestar Galactica the pictures consist of Cylon Basestar Top,inside top,bottom and outside Bottom
  12. Jmvgreek1

    I am looking for BSG Medic Lapel Pin

    I am looking for a BSG Medic Lapel pin that looks like the one pictured below i am looking into recreating this pin if anyone has any better pictures of it or can help me recreate it please send me a message this is the best picture i have of it also included is a black and white picture of it
  13. Demigod

    Moebius Colonial Viper Mk. 2 in 1/32

    Yeah, I finally finished my BSG Viper. This was supposed to be a little side project to relax, but then I wanted lighting for the bird ... I used the Paragrafix photoetch set, the electronics are custom save a lighting control module (flickering, blinking) by Helios Models & Lighting...

    Want to Buy Battlestar Galactica 2004 uniform and Flight suit fabrics

    Anovos only (unless you have a screen used you don't want, lol) Command Officer (i.e. Adama or Tigh with red/gold piping). Size L or larger, standard or premiere, must be 100% undamaged and stain-free. PM with what you have and we can go from there. Also might be looking for flight suit fabrics...
  15. Nugget

    Want to Buy Anovos BSG rank pins

    Hello. Came into the BSG collecting phase way too late. I need several pins to finish out my BSG rank pin sets. Was able to pick most of them up from Anovos (who purchased them directly from Pressed Metal Products in Vancouver, BC who made the pins for the show). Pressed Metal is out of...
  16. TK1625

    Want to Buy BSG Marine Gear

    Hey everyone, Just got my girlfriend to watch Battlestar Galactica and now he wants to put together a cosplay. Was leaning towards the Marines and was looking to see if anything ne had some gear they are looking to sell. Thanks.
  17. J

    Double Tank Battlestar Galactica shirts

    Hey all I have been trying to get hold of the BSG double tank tops for a while. Anovos didn't have the sizes we needed and now they are discontinued :unsure I am looking to sew one of them - any ideas? Also I need to know what colours they are - as I know they were custom made I know it...
  18. grimmindustries

    Colonial Viper Pilot Helmet

    This is a commission I recently completed. It was 3D printed first then reinforced with fiberglass.
  19. Jmvgreek1

    My Battlestar Galactica Snow Suit

    Here is a Picture of my Snow Suit taken at Comicpalooza 2018 standing next to a life size Viper the snow suit was made by a company called the snow suit consist of a Jacket, Pants, Belt and Pouch the suit is not fully accurate the following changes will need to be made to be...
  20. bishopdonmiguel

    Classic Battlestar Galactica Cylon Pistol Build

    I have plans to create a Colonial Laser Pistol but wanted to start with something easier. Figured the Cylon Pistol had less detail and I could learn much from it. First, the obligatory screen shot... As you may note, the original prop is a vacuformed item. My replica will be more idealized...
  21. bishopdonmiguel

    Classic Battlestar Galactica Viper Helmet Build

    Unlike my prior threads, this helmet is not my sculpt. A few years back, I acquired up a very cool resin and fiberglass Viper Pilot Helmet kit from "WeLuv3DFx" that I finally decided to build. It is a very nice kit as-is but it has an issue I felt needed correcting... noticeably concave sides...
  22. Fly4v

    Battlestar Galactica remake as a prequal for Blade Runner This is the first time I'm seeing this old interview with Edward James Olmos about Coco. Interestingly he links his BSG with Blade Runner. Has anyone else made that...
  23. bishopdonmiguel

    Classic BSG Viper Pilot Leg Computer Build

    When piloting the galaxy, don't forget your Sharp slide rule calculators... er... your Leg Computer. The production certainly had a deal with Sharp. Any time a calculator showed up, it was Sharp branded... usually underneath a label of some sort to obscure the fact. There were two styles of Leg...
  24. bishopdonmiguel

    Classic BSG Colonial Communicator Build

    This item is less obscure than my previous builds but you don't see many of them around so I'll count it as qualified. I present to you the Colonial Communicator. Reference photos... As with the MediTron, this was likely a vacuformed item. I will be replicating the finish on this...
  25. bishopdonmiguel

    Classic BSG MediTron Build

    How about we get back to the obscure, yes? Question: What was the Colonial medical hand scanner called? Okay, that's a trick question because it didn't have a name, at least none used on screen. So after an informal poll on the Bionic Moon Labs Facebook page, heavily influenced by a BSG cast...

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