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Hello! I am very new to costume/prop making (in that I have barely made costumes and none props tbh) but I'm super interested in learning and this site seems super cool and useful!! Hopefully I have something to share soon or something yeah. :D

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Hi all,

501st member for 5 years now. Currently researching for a Vader costume. Hoping to learn a lot from this site!



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My name is Aaron I have stalked the forum for awhile now and am just now posting here (sorry). I have always had a facination with building my costumes rather than buying them. As of recent years it has a been a contest to oit do the last year's costume. 2013 I was Bender from Futurama and last year I was Homer J Simpson. This year I plan to build Peter Griffin and win a local costume contest for the 3rd year in a row. PhotoGrid_1440555283319.jpg

Anomander Rake

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I am brand new to this site and costume construction. Thanks for having me and I will be posting a thread on why I am here and what my plan is.

Thanks again!

awkward mayhem

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Greetings from San Francisco!

Everyone calls me Mayhem,
I'm kinda awkward
and so my cosplay page on FB is Awkward Mayhem.
I'm an experienced seamstress and costumer
but am starting to venture into prop making,
which is really exciting for me :)

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I'm Zach, and I'm wanting to expand what I do. Living in Arkansas there isn't much of an outlet for my creations. I recently went to my first CON and it can only be explained as a life changing event. I was in full costume dressed as The Shredder. I want to learn as much as I can about making and continue to create more costumes. I'm trying to find an outlet to help as I don't have much space or money to spend on thing I make for myself.


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Good luck with your body armour for batman hope to see a build thread for it soon !


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I guess you can call me Halcyon and I'm new to this prop thing. You can blame Star Wars for getting me interested in this stuff. Right now I'm interested in building an ANH Graflex lightsaber which I'm sure is a pretty popular prop nowadays.


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My name's Newt and I like making stuff! I've been wanting to try my hand at sci-fi, fantasy, and historical props for a while now. I look forward to learning and sharing with the community here.


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Hi guys! (And girls)I've been a "lurker" here for longer than I can remember, but only just recently made an account. It's great to be part of such a wonderful community, you all have helped me SO much when it comes to newbie questions. I'm a sci-fi nerd with a passion for videogames, and someone who (like the rest of you) wants to make those objects into something tangible. I'm currently working on an Iron Man suit (Ooh shocker) and an E-11 for when the Anovos stuff gets here. Cheers,Jack

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Hello everyone!! We are calling all Star Wars fans - if you're a droid builder, a props builder, a cos player - or if you belong to a group whose passion for Star Wars knows no bounds - we are interested in hearing from you. We are making a celebratory film about the joys of being a Star Wars fan and the various ways in which this passion can become a fulfilling part of ones life. As Star Wars fans ourselves this is also an excuse to hang out with other aficionados and experts!! Please contact us on mark@doghouse-media.co.uk if you feel you're working on a project, building something, or feel you have Star Wars coursing through your veins so much you just need to share it with like minded Star Wars fans. Warm and celebratory we are keen to illustrate just how creative the Star Wars universe is!! UK or USA based - we are keen to hear from anyone and everyone!!


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Hey guys nice to meet everybody. I've been on the rpf for a while I just never thought about registering because I don't do stuff on forums very often but after I finished my full suit of destiny armor I just had to introduce myself.
2015-09-10 19.13.37.jpg 2015-09-10 19.17.37.jpg 2015-09-10 19.18.49.jpg 2015-09-10 19.20.06.jpg
2015-09-10 19.21.29.jpg 2015-09-10 19.25.47.jpg this is the Durga-GNT type 0 legendary armor here are some references tmp_25389-Durga-GNT_crop_upscale.jpg.cf-1912808965.jpg
tmp_25389-DURGA-GNT_TYPE_0-legs.jpg.cf1665052680.jpg tmp_25389-DURGA-GNT_TYPE_0-helmet.jpg.cf238307520.jpg tmp_25389-DURGA-GNT_TYPE_0-gauntlets.jpg.cf-1993088232.jpg


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So I am completely new to prop building, I've always appreciated the hard work that goes into making things. After being a long time lurker I figured I'd make an account and see what happens! I'm in Southern California, I'm a HUGE fan of Sci-Fi, primarily things like Halo, Destiny, so lots of shiny armor. I hope to get my hands dirty sometime soon!


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this forum is what makes people young, the members, the topics, the concepts, the movies, the characters, and most especially the props. i collect stuff since childhood, right now am into the star wars figures of force awakens. i am also interested and intrigued by masks and costumes and replica weapons. right now am thinking of a project, the new blaster and trying to find out how one can do a 3d print of it. i am glad to be a part of this forum, would like to meet people and share ideas.cheers!


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Hi there!

I'm pretty new to the forum, although I've done a bit of lurking around here over the last couple of years :) I'm a musician by trade, but have a background in machining, woodworking, model making, and restoration. I've done a good bit of RC modeling over the years, as well as large scale live steam railroading, but I'm really excited to get into some prop making. I'm really interested in stuff from The Rocketeer, Sky Captain, Forbidden Planet, anything Gerry Anderson(TBirds, UFO, Space 1999,etc), Star Trek, BSG, Tarantino Stuff, Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, Borderlands, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars(of course:)).

So glad to be here! Cheers!

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Hello everyone! I actually just discovered this site today and instantly knew I should join. I'm still very much a novice when it comes to costuming...I've made a few costumes here and there. Simple stuff, all sewing. I'd like to learn how to get better at sewing, but I'd really like to learn how to start making stuff with EVA foam. Eventually, I would like to be able to do costuming as a profession, either in cosplay or theater. I enjoy video games, tabletop gaming, drawing (character/costume design, mostly), and just making things with my hands. My favorite game series are Mass Effect, The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Starcraft.
I'm getting ready to start two new costumes (already working on one at the moment) for Halloween and Emerald City Comic-Con 2016 (and maybe PAX Prime 2016 if I'm lucky). I look forward to chatting with all of you and learning new skills!


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Hello everyone, i am from germany and been lurking around a few months in this forum as guest, but finally decided to enter this great community.
My history in selfmade costumes and props begun 2008 as a naive and colorfull cosplayer, been through furry and fullsuit costuming and my current activity as a armor and prop maker.
My fandoms are mostly video games but also Animes.
I also make costumes for my friends.
I am eager to learn new skills from here and like trying to help others with my experience.

My dream is to build a full funcional Monado from the Video game Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a transforming sci-fi sword that can open and expose a laser that changes colors with the symbol displayed in the circle. I already build two of them but they suffer from weight and instability. They can only open and close by hand. I want to make them very lightweight but durable and move with servos.
Here some pictures of my builds:
PA203613.jpg PA203604.jpg
My next project however will be the Monado III to learn clear casting.


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Hello! I've been reading up and stalking different costuming techniques for years now, but I'm finally taking the plunge. I did a simple version of Synnesai's Guns for Hire South Dakota during RTX. Right now my costuming goal is Imperator Furiosa's prosthetic from Fury Road. Eventually I'd like a full set of Destiny Titan armor. Eventually.

I'm a movie and video game fanatic, am an avid improvisor as well as working on a voice-acting degree. My great dream in the sky is to have all of these things come together at some point!

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to, and hopefully add some awesome things myself!


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Hello everyone,
I just joined today and have been looking at the threads related to the new lightsabers from Star Wars The Force Awakens for a time. I'm not new to building my own lightsaber replicas, as I've been a part of the TCSS and Imperial Royal Arms forums for a couple of years. I hope to learn new things about lightsaber building and see what everyone makes.
See you around!

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